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April 24, 2024 - @171.68 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: Digital pen-pal ring  (Read 2975 times)
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cat’s out of the bag!

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« Reply #30 on: October 25, 2023 @753.10 »

Name: cat

Email: catbyte.site@proton.me

Interests: cats, art (any medium), stationary, fountain pens, virtual reality, computers, pmmm, ocs, xiv

Anything else: i only check this email a couple times a week!
if for some reason something is time sensitive please alert me elsewhere that you've emailed me!
other than that, despite my username i don't bite!

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Wanna be like :grin: but instead I'm like :sad:

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20% coolerFirst 1000 Members!Joined 2023!
« Reply #31 on: October 27, 2023 @174.13 »

Name: Diffy
Email: kliffy07sci9@proton.me
Interests: I enjoy vintage technology, especially the kind that plays music. I also generally like studying nerdy stuff like math and science and languages like Spanish (which i'm learning) sometimes. I'm also pretty interested in WWW and Internet stuff.
Abt me: My friends call me a sillyhead and a dork  :dive: i'm also a junior in highschool, a big cat lover, and bisexual

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To Tux or not to Tux, that is the question

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« Reply #32 on: October 27, 2023 @654.75 »

Name: Georgemoody
Email: arad.shafiei@icloud.com
Interests: Lost media, Technology, Macintosh, Rock and electronic, Virtual machines, coding and programming, basically anything that would interest a nerd
Anything else: GMT is +3:30, I’m not the greatest at socialization but I always try my best. As an Iranian I’m fluent in the beautiful language of Persian, but my English skills aren’t that behind either. I’m quite busy with school so don’t expect immediate replies :ohdear:.

I have no idea what I’m doing.
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˚₊‧ ⊱✿⊰ ‧₊˚

StatusCafe: helga
iMood: jori

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Joined 2023!
« Reply #33 on: November 08, 2023 @739.17 »

name: val
email: val3lga@gmail.com
interests: vintage, animation, fashion, music, dolls, design and anything cute rly ^___^
anything else: feel free to send me a message! i'll send one back!

Jr. Member ⚓︎

ଘ(+ ໖_໖) tastes funny

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iMood: neoratz

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Won the 2023 Profile Design Contest!First 1000 Members!Joined 2022!
« Reply #34 on: November 17, 2023 @774.65 »

name: francheska, francie, fran, or just neo if my real name feels too personal for you! XD
email: neoratz@protonmail.com
interests: cartoons/anime/manga/etc, games (especially virtual pets+virtual worlds :D), old 3DCG (just visually, i don't know anything about the technology!),  psychology, whatever you are up to...
Anything else: i am a slow responder... let's take it easy! you're welcome to talk to me about anything you like, even if it's not in my listed interests. we will probably find something in common :-) :unite:

i promised i'm not alone in heaven... ˖˚
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plus est en vous

StatusCafe: honeybread
iMood: honeybread

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« Reply #35 on: December 12, 2023 @25.81 »

i miss email so much — i reminisce often about the huge group threads my friends and i would have, or the missives sent between us individually. hoping to recreate some of that delight here! <3

name: honeybread
e-mail: honey@breadpoetso.city
interests: music, crochet, writing, nba and other sports, fuzzy sweatshirts, candles, learning html/css/js, sushi, video games, polaroids, shopping, adobe illustrator, instapot recipes, horoscopes, anime and many other things
other things: she/her pronouns are preferred. please also note that i'm a 95liner. below i've included some conversation starters in case you're like me and never really know where to start :~)



  • what is winter like where you live?
  • what artistic medium do you use to express your feelings?
  • what qualities do you find most endearing in someone?
  • what is your favorite planet, dinosaur and/or bug?
  • when you have cereal, is there more milk in the bowl, or more cereal?
  • do you enjoy poetry? what is one of your favorites?
  • what is your “comfort media” for sick days or seasonal depressive episodes?

Jr. Member ⚓︎

Rule 1: Throw the bone!

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First 1000 Members!Joined 2023!
« Reply #36 on: December 12, 2023 @45.60 »

Name: ian!
Email: night-at-the-musian@protonmail.com
Interests: archivism, lost media, contemporary art, animation, natm, history, and dill pickles
Anything else: i'm fairly busy in the day-to-day, but i check my e-mail at least once per day. even if i have nothing too important to say, i usually have memes or neat little tidbits of information.

  • Favorite ancient civilization? (Pre-medieval, so ~600 CE and before) Why?
  • Thoughts on any contemporary works? (The banana on the wall, Banksy, etc)
  • Tell me your favorite anime, and who is best girl.
  • Favorite Owen Wilson movie?
  • Favorite non-deli meat or fish you've eaten? (A meat that is not pork, beef, chicken, goat, or duck; and fish that is not salmon, tuna, trout, or common shellfish/crustaceans. Mine is marlin, if you're curious!)

Tiny Roman Appreciator

Casual Poster

I love wigs <3

StatusCafe: taterinx
iMood: taterinx
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Joined 2023!
« Reply #37 on: April 02, 2024 @98.06 »

Name: Biggus
Email: taterinx@gmail.com
Interests: videogames (there's a whole list but some big ones I could talk your ear off about atm: Skyrim, Baldurs Gate III, Fable II, Stardew Valley, regrettably Fortnite, and I'm currently playing Dragon Quest XI), drag, fashion, astrology, art (digital, trad, collage, photography), music (slowly sinking down the K-Pop rabbithole, but I love industrial hip hop, UKG, and the entire Gorillaz discography) - this isn't an exhaustive list, I just need to sleep it's 2am
Anything else: I'm British, 21, and want to give an email prompt in addition!! Hm...

"If you had to restart your life, would you try to recreate every step to get to where you are today? Or take the opportunity to redo things and undo past regrets, even if it risks you reaching a different outcome?"
Casual Poster ⚓︎

travelling through space at a very high speed

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iMood: tertiaryapocalypse

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Joined 2024!
« Reply #38 on: April 02, 2024 @244.68 »

oh, this is such an awesome idea!

name: hal
email: tertiaryapocalypse@aol.com
interests: webcomics, computer stuff (even if i'm like, a HUGE novice in comparison to most of the folks here), rock music, robotics, character design... i like some fiction podcasts, and i would like to learn more about weather forecasting but i havent had the time. i also think cryptids and ghosts are cool conceptually, but i dont necessarily believe in the supernatural.
anything else:
i'm currently a minor but i turn 18 in august, in case that matters to anyone, and i'm a bisexual wasian guy :-) theres a lot more to learn about me, but that comes after some chatter.

some prompts:
- do you believe in ghosts or magic? why or why not?
- favourite album & least favourite song in that album?
- favourite webcomic/comic series, or a list of some you like!
- favourite kind of weather? favourite planet?

a button for the site tertiaryapocalypse, which reads 'visit mars' in all caps and below it reads the site name.a button reading long gone legends in black and white with an eye icon with a star pupil
Casual Poster

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

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Joined 2024!
« Reply #39 on: April 02, 2024 @358.68 »

I have been thinking about pen pals recently! I used to send physical letters to my cousin, but I would love to have a digital pen pal!

Name: Seraphim (he/him)
   Email: lostin7stars@gmail.com
   Interests: Video Games (rpgs, indie, a few AAA, pokemon, tactics games, and monster collectors), Music (latin, old rnb, indie rock, folk, but love discovering other types of music!), TTRPGS (mainly 5e but have lots of other rpgs I have been wanting to try), virtual pets, writing, and indie game dev!
   Anything else: Some prompts!
- What music/show/website etc. has been on your mind lately?
- Have you gone outside recently? How was the experience?
- What's the latest pleasant memory you have formed?
- Do you have any go-to stories you tell in social settings?

Oh I’m also in my late 20’s. Just fyi.
« Last Edit: April 02, 2024 @381.57 by Seraphim » Logged

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