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Goodbyes and Aways!


Goodbyes and Aways!

Every now and then a person has need to step away from the forum or the web as a whole, in order to focus on other things! I thought it might be useful to make a thread where you can announce that you are away, semi-active, or exiting the forum for good!

You don't need to provide a reason if you don't want to; but it might be nice to provide some external contact details like an e-mail if you'd like people to keep in touch. Its also a good idea to say when/if you expect to be back, so people don't get confused!

If you are returning; remember to edit your post to note you are back!  :ha:

Also please note this is not a space for providing forum feedback; please do that here or send me a pm!

Otherwise I wish you best of luck and good fortune on your voyage; here is a song to heed you well!  :4u:

(Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)

Edit: I am back.

I had already put it in my signature on last week before I left, but I'm back for a little today before going away again :dive:.
I am gone for a bit for my exams and my health, approximately until after 11th of September. :unite:
I am also not updating my Neocities, my stuff, and very likely not posting on either. I get emails about private messages on here, so if you send me any, I'll see it. And there is the email address on my profile as well!


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