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I've just gotten into the internet revival scene and I'm wondering what are some forums I can join in, I really want join a lot of forums since ı feel this emptiness from leaving social media but I can't find any site that caters me because they're all super niche communities that I usually don't have interest in or they all died in 2014 :( Can someone recommend me active forums for general discussion or maybe a forum that falls into one of these interests:

- Music/specifically vocaloid or classical music
- İnternet revival - just like melonland!
- anything that falls into these fandoms/communities: otakucore aesthetic?, madoka magica, sanrio, gothic/elegant/victorian gothic aesthetic, Kawaii, harajuku, lolita & menhera fashion.
- literature specifically classical and gothic
- University admissions process/academia/school help

I hope this didn't narrowed my options or broadened it too much, I don't want to make this post a super deep search into the web than it already is for anyone T-T

I'm also open for any blog that has cool posts, My favorite one is the blogs Cinni runs. I would love to read blogs like theirs! :transport: [/font][/color]

We're a rather small community so far, but I'm sure you'd fit right in with the sparklepack! It's very much a web revival forum like this, with the death of cringe culture being a minor theme. A lot of us there are goth (including me!) and it's recently starting to pick up in popularity from being linked in a Tumblr post. Everyone there is really nice and welcoming!

seems like a nice little forum  :omg: is it a furry forum though? just curious because of the name and logo  :dunno:


--- Quote from: hellodreamymiku on September 03, 2023 @412.30 ---seems like a nice little forum  :omg: is it a furry forum though? just curious because of the name and logo  :dunno:

--- End quote ---

It definitely has SOME furries on it, but that's not necessarily what the whole forum is about. The name is mostly meant to represent the whole anti-cringe/scenecore theming it has going on.

siderea is cool as far as blogs go. CW for the latest posts being very covid/ph related, but there's a rather large backlog of high-quality stuff.


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