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Queer webrings to join?

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Hey, since I've been getting more into designing my website and stuff, I've been thinking about webrings and communities to join. Are there any good queer webrings? Maybe a bisexual one? I'd be happy to join one :>

I cannot recall seeing a bisexual-oriented webring myself, though I am pretty sure it exists somewhere! (...right?)

Nonetheless, here are some popular queer webrings to check out:
Noting a variety just in case someone else is looking for something too. :4u:


* The Queer Coded Webring for generally queer people.
* Be crime do gay, same as above.
* Transing the Internet for trans individuals (including nonbinary).Specific:

* LesbieRing for lesbians.
* The Transmasculine Pride Ring for transmascs.
If I happen to find more, I'll let you know!

There are also

* Acing the Internet, for asexuals

* DykeWrite, for... this is a long list. "Queer women and other woman-aligned people, Lesbians & sapphics, Transmasculine individuals, Transsexuals, Intersex individuals, Drag kings, male impersonators, and female transvestites"

i havent seen a bisexual webring but ive thought about making one!!


--- Quote from: emeowly on August 27, 2023 @81.83 ---i havent seen a bisexual webring but ive thought about making one!!

--- End quote ---

Do it! I'd love to join :3 and also invite any other bi guys here

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