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Author Topic: What would your life look like in the Pokemon universe?  (Read 1869 times)
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« on: March 08, 2022 @867.59 »

Let's say that Pokemon were real. This could take place in:

  • An exact copy of our world
  • Our world, but with the regions seen in the games as well
  • The game's world with or without fan created regions/towns/etc.

Who would you be in that world and what would you do? What would your team of Pokemon be?

In a copy of our world that had Pokemon, I think that I'd still work with computers, and I doubt I'd use my Pokemon for battling very often outside of sparring for fun.

I know I'd have a Munchlax, and probably a Lickitung since he's one of my favorites. I like bulky tankish type monsters, so Venusaur or Bastiodon will be on the roster too. I'd want a Claydol too because they look cool and seem like they'd be friendly. For similar reasons as Claydol, Golbat or Drifblim would be there too.
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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2022 @818.84 »

claydoll and driflblim are awesome!!! i also have always loved golbat.

i shall certainly be a Channeler :dl: im not superstitious or believe in anything paranormal, but if pokemon were real i would absolutely be a channeler no doubt and spend all my time in lavender town aaaaaa!!! that would be so awesome

my lineup:

  • Banette - my #1 favorite pokemon
  • Muk - because slime is cool lol
  • Shedinja - because super cute
  • Koffing - cause he can levitate which is cool, and poison moves are cool + im a nerd for 1st gen
  • Clamperl.... not ghost but... so cute :loved: ...
  • prolly Magnemite because i still am a tech nerd :omg:k: but dont rly like the obvious choice of rotom

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« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2022 @852.13 »

Lots of death and suffering, or maybe a very great life?

The Pokemon universe is pretty much revolved around battling Pokemon with other Pokemon which... Is not very optional.
Imagine just getting your own starter Pokemon from the whatever that place was called then out of no where a random kid comes up and challenges you to a fight. You try to walk out of it but then are forced into it. The kid gets out a Charizard and "knocks out" your newly acquired Pokemon.

If Pokemon was real then we would have a lot of questions on how to deal with the stuff that the games, anime, etc bring up.
While yes it would be cool to see actual Pokemon, but would it be worth seeing animals with powerful abilities battle to the death from two strangers because of a quick little challenge?

But let's not get our concerns in the way of exploring this new world.
In this world could be a whole new experience that people in the current universe would be in absolute auw at. A bunch of powerful living creatures that we have control over, and the plenty of ways we can use them. Imagine having a whole selection of Pokemon that together have the power to wipe out a whole park that a bunch of other less powerful Pokemon live on that you have to yourself.

While yes I may have answered none of the questions that you mentioned but I will answer one.

If the Pokemon world was real, what would you do?
My answer would be to not battle trainers. Even with a whole pile of cash on the line I still wouldn't do it. Why would I risk killing my Pokemon when I could keep them?
Yes, I maybe considered a wimp but It's just not worth it. I don't think you would have a dog battle a wolf so why battle a (Insert Pokemon name here) with a (Insert another Pokemon name here). It just doesn't make any sense IMO.

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« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2022 @858.95 »

Site note, but something that always struck me about Pokemon is that it has no roads or mass transport. Almost all travels seems to happen on lil country roads, even between big cities. Its kinda like the 1800s, where there is a very different lifestyle depending on where you live, and areas in the wild are excellently lawless.

I think what appealed to me as a kid was the feeling of freedom in Pokemon, you could just walk out into the world and it was all like a big wild garden with cities and towns. I guess Id still like to grow up to be Ash, but when I look at my real life I guess Im more like professor oak :tongue:
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« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2022 @799.14 »

i feel like my pokemon adventure would start off in a small town, just like the game mcs. my life would be very sheltered up until i was around the age of 16, where i decide to go and travel on my own. i would probably avoid pokemon battles, unless it was for self defense purposes. my partner pokemon is a psyduck named peanut whom i've had since birth. along the way i'd probably get into some sort of trade while on my travels, probably learn how to read tarot cards and make rock jewlery to support my pokemon and i. as for the specific region im in, id probably pick unova since its the first in the series i was exposed to. while venturing in the caves, looking for crystals (and other various rocks and minerals) id meet a sabeleye, who i quickly befriend.

sorry, im not the best at writing out my ideas- i might expand on these small ideas and make my own story <333
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« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2022 @754.63 »

knowing me i would probably ended up as a pokemon professor/ or maybe a pokemon photographer.
I would probably have a ton ton of bug/water/ghost types to boot.
I would also be more interest in simply capturing pokemon to complete the pokedx( or raise them) instead of using them for battle.

I live in a sorta urban/ruralish area? so there wouldn´t a shortage of pokemon to observe.
as for my region, I think it would be pretty much be like the region from the new pokemon scarlet game.

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« Reply #6 on: June 21, 2022 @630.61 »

I really don't know but given how much I bike around and like to explore around the cities I live near, I feel like I'd probably be a Pokemon trainer but would be too lazy to go for anything more ambitious and do competitions before managing whatever winnings I get to lay around for a month.

Since where I live is very swampy I feel as if I'd get like an Oddish, Mudkip, and Toxel to start and then later get a Mantine. I want to say I'd have a Porygon or Rotom but those might be too expensive in the Pokemon world.

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« Reply #7 on: June 21, 2022 @738.24 »

I think I'm too faint-hearted in real life to endure Pokemon battles, so much of my daily Pokemon life may just be taking care of other people's pokemon, like a daycare worker! As for the Pokemons I'd have, I'd probably have a Flying, Grass, and Water type Pokemon. My ideal line up kinda looks like this:
  • Pidgeot (I like birds, and a Pidgeot is big enough to fly me around)
  • Treecko (I started with Pokemon Emerald, so a Treecko would technically be my first Pokemon)
  • Clauncher (Skriiiiiimp!)

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« Reply #8 on: March 20, 2023 @625.29 »

i think id just be a normal person and not a trainer but i would have a pokémon 2 be my buddy and help out through the day. probably a sceptile since sceptile has been my favourite since like i first started playing pokémon and it has hands and stuff so it would be a good helper.

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« Reply #9 on: March 23, 2023 @460.91 »

I'd probably be working in Pokémon liberation.
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« Reply #10 on: April 22, 2023 @91.09 »

I always thought I'd want to be a Pokemon nursery/daycare worker. Getting to meet lots and lots of different people and Pokemon from all over, new faces every day... watching eggs hatch! It sounds like a dream to me. But so does everything in Pokemon.  :b

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« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2023 @598.99 »

Honestly? While I love the pokemon games and enjoy playing the role of the best trainer in the world, I'd most likely much prefer being either a daycare worker or a nurse for pokemon in real life. I'd rather let others do the battling while I provide the healing! And rather than having a whole team of pokemon behind me like in the games, I'd most likely stick to one or two in real life. Maybe... a Ratata and/or a Caterpie.

Normal/bug pokemon have always been my fav, and I tend to gravitate towards those who I assume aren't as loved within the franchise. Plus, irl bugs and rats are so cute <333
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