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*** Welcome Packs! ***

Hello! If you're an older forum meber you might remember there was a time when everyone who joined received a welcome pack from me like this one! Id post it at the end of my message when new members joined.

☀︎☁︎☻→ You've Received Melon's Welcome Pack! ←☻✌︎☀︎

* If you haven't already check out the forum welcome post, and forum usage guide!
* New to website making? Here is a complete(ish) guide!
* Visit your look/layout to pick a theme and set a default colour/font for your messages!
* Feeling shy and unsure what to do? Maybe post a song you like here!
* Finally don't forget to share the forum and invite friends! We have some way cool graphics over here!
Welcome packs are a great way to give people some helpful info and give them a leg up on getting started with the forum! Alas these days I just don't have enough time to both approve members and write welcome notes to everyone; we tried getting moderators to do it, but it was too much for them too; of course, I could automate posting welcome packs, but that seems a little impersonal and not really within the ethos of the forum.

So I would encourage each of you to consider designing your own welcome pack for new members! So if you happen to be replying to a new member post, consider giving them a copy of your pack! Anyone can design a welcome pack, even new members and its errr a very welcoming thing to do!  :ha:

There are no rules to welcome pack design, you can use colours, images, fonts etc, you can include any info and links you like, but Id ask you to at least include the forum guide since that's really helpful. Hopefully, you will enjoy making welcome packs!

Here is a simple template version of my old pack you can use as a foundation if you like!

--- Code: ---☀︎☁︎☻→ You've Received a Welcome Pack! ←☻✌︎☀︎
[li]Check out the forum [url=]forum usage guide[/url]![/li]
[li]New to website making? Here is a [url=]complete(ish) guide[/url]![/li]
[li]Visit your [url=;area=theme]look/layout[/url] to pick a theme and set a default colour/font for your messages![/li]
[li]Unsure what to do? Maybe post a [url=]song you like here[/url]![/li]
[li]Finally don't forget to share the forum! We have cool graphics [url=]over here[/url]![/li]
--- End code ---

Welcome Packs Museum:
You arrive at a small museum that archives some of the most iconic welcome pack designs that have been spotted around the forum. An old lady shouts at you to take your shoes off (apparently its also a bath house??) ANYWAY, you enjoy looking at the welcome packs stored in large glass boxes and surrounded by parrots and pictures of wild bison.

Donated on 10/01/2024

‧˚₊꒷꒦︶︶︶ ⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽ shevek’s welcome pack ☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ︶︶︶꒦꒷‧₊˚⊹
> Check out the welcome post :smile: <
If you are unsure how to use a forum, here’s our wiki post about it!
You can also fill in your forum profile, change your font and color, and pick a forum theme to suit your needs!
Wanna talk, but don’t know what to post about? Maybe start by telling us about your latest progress or your username :loved:
P.S.: You should know that the forum is closed every Monday.
Don’t be alarmed when you see a closure screen, the forum will be back. :4u:


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