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*crashes through the ceiling* ah yes i meant to do that


i meant to make this intro a lot sooner but i procrastinated and forgot :grin:

hello hi i am awful at putting words together so forgive me if anything sounds weird  :drat:

i'm ghost-fall (shorten it however you like) and i go by they/her/it pronouns.

found this forum while scrolling through neocities, took a look around and now im here!  :dive:

some hobbies include:

* making digital art
* playing video games (mostly rain world, minecraft and ultrakill)
* hoarding digital items and images
* collecting redbull soda tabs (i'm not sure why but i think the bull is neat)

* and most recently, surfing the web and webcrafting  :ha:
while i'm too young to have experienced the old web myself, i've always had a fascination with the look and feel of old websites and grew tired of the corporate landscape soo i made my own website instead  :ozwomp:

i've only recently started learning html and css (you can definitely tell from the jank code) but working on my website has been a blast and its wonderful to have a place to throw stuff to whenever a thought occurs!

its quite empty right now content wise but heres the site if you want to take a look  :ok:

and thats about it for now, thanks for reading and have a nice dayy  :unite:

Welcome to the forum!

I can't believe I've never heard of Rain World, looks like a really fun game. I'll have to check it out sometime. Also, loving how your website is shaping up.


--- Quote from: ghost-fall on February 11, 2024 @173.17 ---playing video games (mostly rain world, minecraft and ultrakill)
--- End quote ---
oh also i only know about rain world because i watch astralspiff. but it looks pretty cool. :)))))
welcome to the forum !! !!

*stares at the ceiling*

Oi mate ! You okay bruv ? Take care my friend and welcome the the Land of the Melon !


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