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hello world!


hello! i'm hal (or satellite, or a handful of other names), i use he/him pronouns.

i'm a big fan of comics & robots, and i'm hoping to learn a LOT more about computers as i enter college. i've found myself enjoying math a lot, so i figure i'll note that about myself as well! i'm a digital artist and i've been figuring out html, css, js and general webmastery since the summer of 2023. my site is linked on my profile  :grin:  :pc:

i've been drawing since i was little! it's probably my most consistent hobby, and it's been a vessel for me to explore the things i'm interested for years of my life. for me webmastery is an extension of that exploration  :grin: . i've been meaning to learn how to code for a few years now, anyhow, and being able to make a place to host my interests and projects is a HUGE benefit.

i'm excited to be here!  :transport:

Comics and Robots ? TransFormers just started at Image Comics, it's pretty good for now !

Welcome to the Melon Forums !  :cheerR:


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