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NeonAce enters the fray!


Hello everybody! My application to join this esteemed forum of HTML party people has been accepted! An introduction is in order...

I'm a Gen-X guy who enjoys some Gen-X things. My main hobbies include: 1.) Fiddling around with computer and web tech stuff in a sometimes semi-competent, sometimes not way. 2.) Playing and running TTRPGs with my friends (you know, games like Dungeons & Dragons, but usually not D&D itself). 3.) Playing guitar (and sometimes fiddling with other music-y things, like old drum machines and all that stuff). Those would be the main things. IRL Work Me fixes computers for a hospital. It's a pretty OK gig.

Anyways, I really love all of the quirky individual pages everybody makes. My personal home page has some OK touches here and there, but is pretty tame and I'd really love to make it more fun and wild. I'll copy/paste my way there eventually! I may even learn enough to, you know, actually forge something I really really dig. If there is a project of mine on the internet I'm kinda proud of, it would have to be at my Street Fighter Paradise site. It's dedicated to Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, a ttrpg from White Wolf that came out back in '94. I compiled a 20th Anniversary edition of the game, and keep track of all of the fan stuff we've made over the years for the game. It's a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoyed my introduction, and I'll see you around the forum!

Hello hello and welcome to the Melon Gang !  :cheerR:

Very interesting info ! I used to play a (very very) little bit of guitar but gave up after a friend that wanted me for a band just moved on wihtout me. Perhaps it's better that way. Street Fighter TTRPG sounds intruiging, I'm definitely gonna chack this !

Hey, thanks!

I checked out your site and profile. It was definitely Choose Your Own Adventure books, some Fighting Fantasy, and a lot of Lone Wolf books (along with advertisements in comic books back in the day) that got me into TTRPGs originally. I still sometimes read classic Choose Your Own Adventure books and they are still a lot of fun. A lot of the time you play a kid in a very crazy, creative and dangerous situation. It seems like you might take a submarine down to find the lost city of Atlantis, find a portal outside of space and time, but your parents are very angry you didn't make it home in time for your grandmother's birthday party. Regular kid stuff combined with trippy wild scenarios. I love it.


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