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Hi I'm here now!


Hi you guys!!! As a neophyte on here I'd love to get some advice. Where do I go to talk to people? How active is this place? What's the #1 thing to do on here. Am excited to meet y'all.

So, a little bit about myself. I'm a university student taking Compsci. Haven't really done as much as I should have. I'm really interested in the old internet, and quirky little websites and browser games and am definitely thinking of learning HTML and stuff like that to make my own website.

I'm into all sorts of things: music, fashion, gardening, boys, cooking, thrifting, webcomics, boys, politics, boys, nature, math, movies

I also have a tumblr! Follow me @baroquepopcorn it's my personal little slice of brainrot

My favorite musicians right now are Marina and the diamonds, Belle and Sebastian, The Cranberries, Weyes Blood, and Carseat Headrest

My favorite movies are Ladybird, Howl's Moving Castle, Sorry to Bother you, Hook, I'm thinking of ending things, What's eating Gilbert Grape

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Hi, and welcome!
The Melonland is thriving, and active as a beehive ;).

You did the #1 thing to do by posting here, I'd say. Most subboards are equally active - just look out for topics that seem interesting for you and post something there, your chance of getting a reply is high.

Just rewatched Howls Moving Castle a few weeks ago (after seeing the Boy and the Heron), and I've fond memories about Gilbert Grape :). Saw Sorry to Bother you a while ago. Was good (and likeable for the clear political message), but a bit too heavy with the wooden mallet for my taste.

Have fun here!

Welcome! A few of us are on XMPP. My username is - feel free to add me. We started a small Melonland XMPP group too!


--- Quote from: glassVaseCamelCase on February 20, 2024 @895.35 ---Weyes Blood,
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--- Quote from: glassVaseCamelCase on February 20, 2024 @895.35 ---Howl's Moving Castle, Sorry to Bother you,
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Triple Based

Welcome to the forum :ha:

Welcoooooome ! Ladybird ? I only know Laydhawke... Have a nice day anyway !  :cheerR:


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