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Hello good people of MelonLand! Here's to a hopeful creative future for us all!

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[I'm reusing my MelonLand admission essay for signing up for the forum here, with only minor edits, since I think it captures my feelings and where I'm coming from well. :dive:]

Hello fellow web revival people!

My web alias is "WraithGlade", which coincidentally is also the name of my Neocities website.

I'm proud to say I've updated my Neocities website at least once a day every day since its creation and intend to continue doing so! Most of the updates are just in the "Journal & Changelog" page of my site. I'm a person with very diverse interests and so I often end up spending a lot of time exploring many obscure topics, so sometimes it takes a long while for updates to the other pages of my site to happen, but I always document what I'm up to on my journal page at least!

More personally speaking, I am here because the web revival movement (among other things) has helped me to gradually revive some of my creative spirit and hope, which in contrast was in rough shape for most of the past decade or so.

I used to work as a AAA video game developer at a well-off company (a job I got immediately out of college), but the work environment became toxic for me (as often happens in the AAA game industry unfortunately). This, combined with the increasingly suffocating creative environment of the dominant exploitive parts of the internet, caused me to have trouble creating anything at all for the past decade despite previously being a AAA game developer.

The end of college right before getting that job was when I was most creatively functional.

Luckily though, stumbling upon the web revival movement and forums like this one has restored much of my hope for the future of the internet and for having a voice of my own with meaning and reach.

I have thus been able to recently start creating again gradually, whereas before I was so riddled with anxiety and bad conditioning from my previous toxic experiences that I could hardly bear to even open a compiler or an art program (etc).

The web revival movement (plus other constructive and boundary setting changes I've been making to my life) has helped me to gradually heal and to become increasingly creatively functional again, one step at a time.  :transport:

Basically, the TLDR is that I'm a partially creatively traumatized ex AAA video game developer who is trying to repair the creative ecosystem of my own mind, and looking for like-minded and compatible individuals to share a community with such as here on the MelonLand forum.

I hope you will accept me into your community. Likewise, I intend to treat you all with the high degree of dignity and nuance that any kind of community requires to be (and to stay) healthy and constructive.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day/night/etc!

:dog:  :cheerR:  :cool:

good to see you here, i have a lot to say about the modern web too which ive posted about around the forum.
i might write abt it someday but i think one reason that the modern web is the way it is because of the way people act and think about it.
i hope you have a good day, you should check out my website at

Thanks!  :smile:

I checked out you website. I like the colorful animation effect of your banner. Good work on that!

The animated yellow grid background on your Links page reminded me of an old Sega Genesis game: Kid Chameleon.

The options screen in that game has a yellow grid in the background, which somehow evokes a similar feel as your links page background.

By the way, I think Kid Chameleon is one of the best platformer games ever made. It is perhaps my favorite platformer. It is much better than Mario or Sonic I think. I'd recommend trying it if you haven't. It looks like you like retro games such as old ROMs. Kid Chameleon is available in an official emulator collection too though.  :ozwomp:  :ha:

What aspects of how people think about the internet and interact with it do you think has made the modern web what it is?  :pc:

i think ill just send u a PM abt it ^^'

Thanks, I received it and responded!  :smile:

Anyway, have a great day/night everyone, whatever your timezones are!  :cheerR:


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