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Hey there! After a bit of lurking I've finally decided to bite the bullet and start interacting on posts!

I'm a 24yo italian developer and I've been interested in the web revival movement for well over a year now.
I've graduated in computer engineering in june and I look forward to start studying for my Data Science major in a few weeks.

I have a serious blog over on gemini and I'm currently building my retro website, heavily inspired by the Hypnospace Outlaw aesthetic, although I've only finished a single page.. You can pay a visit if you're curious about my favorite videogames  \o/

Another project I was trying to get started was a web proxy for WML (something similar to what does for Gopher and Gemini), but I've yet to actually start thinking about how to make that happen. If it weren't for XTaran and this thread, I would never have thought people still make content for that protocol!

I love Free and Open Source Software. I run an Arch Linux installation and I use KDE or i3, depending on what I need to achieve that day.

Finally, thank you so much Melon for creating and hosting all of this. Your website is fantastic and this forum is even better! I've never actually posted on a forum, but I've always used them, especially in the old days, so here's hoping I don't screw this up in some way! ;D

Hi BiRabbitoh  \o/ Welcome to the forum and congratz on beeing freed from your lurking purgatory!

Wow those are some really slick sites, there is great contrast on your retro one I like it. Italy is great, maybe I'll move there someday ;D Oh and thank you for the kind words :4u:

Ooo-- You've Received Melon's Welcome Pack --ooO
* If you haven't already check out the forum welcome post, and forum usage guide!
* New to website making? Here is a complete(ish) guide!
* Visit your look/layout to pick a theme and set a default colour/font for your messages!
* Feeling shy and unsure what to do? Maybe post a song you like here!
* Finally don't forget to share the forum and invite friends! We have some way cool graphics over here!

That's a cool website!

Hello fellow italian  \o/ that's a very cool looking website.


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