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Hello everyone!!


Hello everyone,

I've been lurking a few days and figure it's time to introduce myself. I'm the webmaster of Realm of Janus, currently under construction. Per the blurb, "I'm just a 90's cat raised up on 80's gadgets and 2000's fansite & forum web culture".

To elaborate on that, I went through most of my dad's NES classics before every seeing an SNES, and my first computer was cobbled together from a couple of decomissioned servers from his workplace that we "upgraded" together with a Windows 98 disc. My first wanderings onto the interweb revolved around the Lego fansites, not least among them the in/famously-weird Bionicle fan forum "BZPower" - I will definitely have a few stories for that thread LOL.

As of now, my plans for the homepage boil down to "share stuff I like" - all there is to see at present is a couple of plugs for youtube videos my friends made. I'll be developing it a lot more during the winter break (from my 2nd-to-last semester of paralegal studies), but in the meantime I'll be hanging out here - loving the small community vibes!!

Hi Janus, welcome toooo the forum :ha:

Oh servers huh? I totally tried that too when I was in my early teens, but the server fans were SO LOUD, my dad even made me a special padded computer case out of wood and foam, but it was still too loud :sad: I hope you had better luck!

Where would the world be without Lego!?

Ooo-- You've Received Melon's Welcome Pack --ooO
* If you haven't already check out the forum welcome post, and forum usage guide!
* New to website making? Here is a complete(ish) guide!
* Visit your look/layout to pick a theme and set a default colour/font for your messages!
* Feeling shy and unsure what to do? Maybe post a song you like here!
* Finally don't forget to share the forum and invite friends! We have some way cool graphics over here!

Oh, it was definitely loud - I like white noise generally, what gives? :omg:k:

I plan on going through the entirety of the welcome kit in detail - what a great idea! At a glance, I totally need to learn some CSS - thanks!!


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