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Hey my fellow web surfers


Just announcing my presence here because I've concluded that there are a lot of cool people here who like to say cool things.

I'm ~20ish and studying in university. I've been spending a lot of free time thinking about making my own forum site recently but unbeknownst to me there was already such a vibrant and interconnected community! (This makes me happy :))

I'm currently learning my html and css so I can build a site of my own but I'll make sure to let people know when it is up (and when it is good!).

I found this site through Sadgrl's webring, which I'm guessing is a pretty common starting point. I'd browsed neocities before but i didn't realise that it was well connected to active sites such as these.

I love making things because you become much closer to yourself but also gain insight into the world. Plus it is just great. I do a little poetry and writing personally

See you around!

Hey a fellow GITS fan! Welcome to the forum :)

hey, welcome! Don't worry too much about having to make the perfect website or anything - fixing it up and always changing things is something I always do. Hope we will also be able to see some of your poetry and writing!

Hi t0lo, welcome to the forum!  :4u:

Wow look at all these people with 80s anime avatars :P Are you guys starting some sort of secret society!!

--- Quote ---I love making things because you become much closer to yourself but also gain insight into the world
--- End quote ---
I think thats a really lovely line and very true.

Ooo-- You've Received Melon's Welcome Pack --ooO
* If you haven't already check out the forum welcome post, and forum usage guide!
* New to website making? Here is a complete(ish) guide!
* Visit your look/layout to pick a theme and set a default colour/font for your messages!
* Feeling shy and unsure what to do? Maybe post a song you like here!
* Finally don't forget to share the forum and invite friends! We have some way cool graphics over here!


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