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Fediverse / Mastodon thread - share your handle!

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Hi, as many people might know a lot of new folks are signing up to the fediverse, a decentralized social networking thingy. The most popular software in fedi is mastodon, which looks and feels a lot like twitter just without the ads and algorithms.

Are you on there? Let's add each other!


If you want to join, here's a big list of servers you can pick from, though you can talk to anyone from anywhere so picking your home server isn't such a big deal. think of it like email kinda!

I've look into the fediverse before, but I've never really gotten past making an account and browsing for like 5 minutes. Picking a server was pretty overwhelming to me (choice paralysis moment)!
That said, I'm definitely down to dive in again :dive:
Do you know what the best (or at least a good) way is to:

1) pick a good server and

2) find people who share the same interests?

I assume there's decent overlap between those questions but they're still both holding me back from getting into it so I'm curious to know!

I signed up recently too; not because Im escaping Twitter (I left YEARS ago) but mostly because Mastadon seems to be the happening place this weekend :unite:

So far it seems like a very positive environment; I like that you cant see how many stars posts have, that makes it quite low stress - The diversity of apps for it is a bit confusing (I tried 3 for iPhone and have settled on Toot! and Mastonaut for Mac, but both have not been updated in a year?; and Im not a huge fan of the website design.. but its fine; some custom CSS would help!

EDIT: There is now a MELONLAND Mastdodon server!! - If you would like an account you can request one here :grin:

Anyway, my profile is: :ozwomp:

Im still trying build out my home feed, so if you have any cool people to follow (other than yourselfs) please suggest em!

--- Quote from: sig on November 07, 2022 @853.44 ---2) find people who share the same interests?

--- End quote ---
So far my system has been to find people I know, and then look through who they follow; I think you can also look at hashtags but those scare me :omg:k:

i joined mastodon after the tumblr nsfw ban that first thrust the site into tumblr knowledge... it didn't really end up being my thing though, i'm stuck on tumblr! i say all this to ask, what happened to all the different mastodon servers? i remember there being way more with lots of random names like "" and "" (i know) going off my old account. do they still exist and are just not displayed on the server list? is there a way to find the more random servers? :dunno: i wanna explore!

You don't really need to pick a good server, since everyone can follow everyone from anywhere. the thing a nice home server gets you is maybe more friends by default on that theme. But! you can also pretty easily migrate accounts to new instances now. all the people who follow you at the old handle will auto follow the new one :smile:


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