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Fediverse / Mastodon thread - share your handle!

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I run my own small instance! It uses an alternative software called Akkoma that has some extra features compared to Mastodon, like the ability to react to posts with emojis, discord-style, and a UI I consider to be generally nicer. I'm

I'm not all that active on Mastodon (or really most social media; I never know what to post), but here's mine:

I've considered migrating to a different instance but that sounds like work and I'm unsure afsdgd :ohdear:

I got a mastodon as another place to post my art and a potential alternative to twitter given how things are going there, but until I find a circle on mastodon or more of my friends migrate it's pretty much just a place for me to put my art. I would love to make more friends there tho!

You can find it here if you're interested:

Yeah! Mine is on the Yesterweb one  :unite:


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