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What are some other good active forums? Not specifically just about html but chill and active like this one.

Icey!: is pretty active.

Hmm the thing is that most forums are focused on a very particular subject; For example; Ice's link is for people interested in PC building; a friend of mine was obsessed with this one its very active, but its only interesting if you are a major fan of LanaDelRay :drat:

People totally do hang out on them, but its only fun to hangout there if you are into the forums subject. There are not many general forums (even this one is not exactly a general forum).

Within the wired website community! (Most of these are quite quiet)

* - Cute web making
* - Webcore stuff? Its mostly random messages!

Two that I hang out on besides this one are MobileRead, which is devoted to ebooks and ereaders, and The Long Hair Community, which is devoted to long hair care/natural hair care. Like Melooon said, very niche, but they're still active :smile:

The MobileRead folks can be a bit curmugeonly at times, though, especially if you want to talk about software alternatives to Calibre, which is currently the most popular ebook software. They're generally an opinionated bunch, but everyone's usually chill about it.

Oooh, and I forgot that the Chicken Smoothie forums are suuuuper active. It's focused on adoptables, but there's also roleplaying and an oekaki board.

Deckade (Tolo):
Here are some of the more notable ones I've picked up (Aussie forum because I'm Australian) (Somehow still alive)

Kongregate (Dead as of sometime last year) It's kinda cool, I think there's been an influx of very young users though which has changed the site culture, idk melonland is my main site at the moment :smile:

Ruqqus Had a lot of potential, they pulled the plug circa 2021? because it was too political. I was fairly active in the apolitical stuff, owning a guild/board with 2k members

Steam>discussions>off topic! This is a nice corner of the internet where the tone of discussion is quite similar to here, although the content is, as you can imagine a little less internet-meta focused.

Have fun exploring <3


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