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hey peeps


Heya, I'm WFeJ.
I found out about this community a few months after installing linux. At that point, I had already switched most things (with the exception of spotify) to open source alternatives and I was (and still am) nerding about the fediverse, so I decided "sure, I'll join, seems fun". And so, here I am.
Looking forward to see what kinds of adventures will unfold while I'm here

Hi WFeJ, welcome to the forum :ha:

That sounds like a very noble open source quest - Iv just been getting into making mastodon bots recently! I feel a little like Im 10 years late to the bot making party, but its still fun :grin:

Hope you enjoy the forum!

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I've been interested in installing linux on my pc for a while, but I've been putting it off due to having to back up my files and reformatting drives and all that. I'm pretty basic and I'd probably install Ubuntu, but I just love how it looks. It just feels right- like when you're on a health streak eating healthy foods.


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