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I'm levya and I've missed interacting on forums so much! social media has been feeling less and less social haha

anyway a bit about me, I have a degree in ecology and use it to do seasonal conservation work which I love a lot (though something full time would be better). I love nature and the outdoors, but I also have a lot of indoor hobbies like drawing and playing video games. I love jrpgs like final fantasy, chrono trigger, and lately I've been playing xenoblade chronicles 3.

I have a site at because I love having a little space on the internet all to myself. it's a personal site I use to share my art, projects, and whatever else interests me. I also love seeing other people's sites no matter what their level of coding is~

I look forward to meeting everyone here! (also the emotes here are awesome :dive: )

Hi Levya, welcome to the forum! :ha:

It must be nice to have a good balance of outdoor and indoor hobbies! There's a bio diversity college near me; I often see the students from it in the local pub; they are easy to spot because they wear multicoloured wool clothes and don't shave very much :tongue:

Ugh, humans are always waging war over magic crystals! - If you were trapped in a JRPG, what would your role be?

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Thanks for the welcome! I think if I was trapped in a jrpg, I would be an eccentric mage type character using my spells to debilitate enemies and deal damage from afar. I get tired easily so the rest of the party would have to protect me haha

Howdy levya,

I need to get some outdoor activities. I live near a state park, and I love going on walks among the birds and roaming wildlife in that area. It's a great way to get a perspective on things I often forget about. It's not so easy to feel that perspective in the freezing cold we've been having though!


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