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Hello all :ha:

I've been lurking for a while, but decided that since my website is mostly functional now (mostly), I might as well join the conversation (:

I'm so glad to have found my way here through the (delightful) maze of webrings and personal websites I stumbled into a while ago when somebody linked to sadgrl's resources on Tumblr. The nostalgia hits particularly hard in the best way possible :4u:

I've been interested in making websites for as long as I've had access to the internet (circa age uhhh. 8?), and my first personal web space was a Guardians of Ga'Hoole fansite on Piczo. (Long shot that any of the old gang hangs around here, but if you do, hi from Gylfie!) I also used to run a Warrior Cats roleplay forum.

My first step away from that world was joining deviantART back in 2007.

I have a personal website under construction (when aren't they, though?) that I'll probably attach a custom domain to soon. It's currently at and is boring as heck compared to some of the rad sites I've seen these past few days, but I'm looking forward to adding actual fun content soon! :omg:k:

Some Stuff I Like To Do

* pixel art
* sticker making (in the outernet. some of it is pixel art!)
* play and/or make games of all kinds
* read & write sci-fi and also fan work
* fall into research rabbit holes and come out the other side with an associate's degree's worth of knowledge
* acquire all the tools I need to get into a new hobby. this is in itself a hobby.
* fibrecrafts like crochet, cross stitch, and embroidery
* teach myself graphic design and use my skills for evil fun and occasionally profit
Some Stuff I Don't Like To Do

* be succinct
Anyway! Thanks for accommodating my rambling. I look forward to rambling further and getting to know y'all :grin:

Hi Jade, welcome to the forum :4u:

This is a pleasantly written intro! DeviantArt back in the day definitely had a vibe, Im not sure the web will ever be like that again - but we can do our bit to make our own little vibe corners?

There's nothing quite like finding a really exciting academic paper that just totally changes your view of things :tongue: Whats your favourite sci-fi work?

Hope you enjoy your time here!

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* Visit your look/layout to pick a theme and set a default colour/font for your messages!
* Feeling shy and unsure what to do? Maybe post a song you like here!
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Welcome!! Your stickers are awesome! :grin:

I got sucked into (and spat back out on the other side of) DeviantART too. (For anyone who wasn't there back in the 2000s, it was actually decent way-back-when. :eyes:smile:

Thanks for the lovely welcome!

I'm glad you like my stickers, Onio :cheesy: thank you!

--- Quote from: Melooon on January 25, 2023, 05:48:37 pm ---There's nothing quite like finding a really exciting academic paper that just totally changes your view of things :tongue: Whats your favourite sci-fi work?

--- End quote ---

For TV, I just watched The Expanse and absolutely fell in love with the worldbuilding. I was out here taking notes on all the fun little ways the writers and set designers made the world feel alive! Having read the first novel in the book series it's adapted from (after watching the series), I can say this is one of the few instances where a tv adaptation went above and beyond what was on the page.

For books, I haven't read a ton of sci-fi compared to what I'd call the more hardcore fans of the genre, but I recently finished the Children of Time trilogy by Adrian Tchaikovsky and I think I can comfortably call it my favourite. I love how Tchaikovsky explores his themes (among my favourite themes are: what does it mean to be sentient? is it morally correct to choose who gets to live when it's an us-or-them scenario? how do we connect to other beings that have almost nothing in common with us?), the way he pokes fun at the current state of our society (as all the best sci-fi works do, in my opinion), and the way he shows both sides of the core conflict in a way that makes it almost impossible to root for one over the other. It's also one of the few series where several of my irl friends have also read it, since it was a book club book, and a handful of them even picked up the sequel at the recommendation of the person who initially put it up for consideration. (Necessary, as the second book was a roller coaster, and all of us needed emotional support to get through it, lol.)

I'd love to hear about everyone's favourite genres and works within those genres, too! :grin:


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