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Author Topic: Pet Names  (Read 2376 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 06, 2023 @306.03 »

I've mostly owned cats my whole life but I've had a few dogs too! Here's a quick rundown of their names n how they got them (:

  • Churchill - First cat I ever had, my dad got him just before I was born so we grew up together. He passed around my senior year of high school [So I was ~17-18, for my non-Americans (: ]. My dad named him after the cat in Pet Semetary because he's a big Stephen King fan [A trait that I do not share]
  • Pepper - Another childhood cat. She belonged to my Amma [my paternal grandmother] and she hated people. She named her and never told me why she named her that xD
  • ??? - My Amma had another cat while I was growing up that was an orange male cat who loved people but I don't remember his name. She never told me why she named him as she did either.
  • Harley - When I was a kid, my maternal grandparents had a few dogs. One was a white shaggy small dog named Harley, he was named after Harley Davidson motorcycles because my grandpa liked them.
  • Molson - Another dog my maternal grandparents had, belonged to my mom before her unfortunate passing, because of that my family never explained his namesake to me.
  • Comet - BIG OL ST. BERNARD. All white! Very sweet, I loved Comet. Also belonged to my maternal grandparents. He used to let me ride him around as a baby lol
  • ??? - Final dog my maternal grandparents owned as a kid. Another great big ol St. Bernard in the more standard brown and white coloring. She was also very sweet, but I can't remember her name ;;
  • ??? - When I got older, my dad started dating the woman who would later become his wife and when I first met her and her daughter, they had a dalmatian because it was her daughter's favorite kind of dog. I want to say her name was Bailey and they used it because they thought it sounded nice.
  • Lilly - After Bailey[?] passed and we moved in with her family, they adopted another dog [a chocolate lab, she was very pretty]. They named her Lilly because she had a white calla lily shaped splotch of fur on her chest.
  • Sugar - Dachshund owned by my maternal grandmother up until very recently. She named her Sugar because she thought she was sweet but honestly she was an absolute terror TT_TT
  • Cinnamon - Cocker Spaniel owned by my maternal grandmother for the same period of time as Sugar. I named her Cinnamon when I was a kid because when my grandmother called to tell me she had gotten a new dog, she was asking for names, and I was eating cinnamon twists from Taco Bell and thought Sugar and Cinnamon would be a cute pair name for the two dogs. She agreed :D
  • Leffen - My first cat in my own apartment! He was a brown tabby who was very sweet once he opened up to me (: I miss him very much since he passed before his time. I named him after the professional Super Smash Bros Melee player of the same name because I love competitive Melee and I wanted to be able to call him all the silly nicknames the community has for Leffen [Big Leff, Huge Hjelte, Wumbo William, etc] lol
  • Jhin - Not technically owned by me or my family, rather by my best friend who lived with me briefly, but I've been taking care of him for the last 4 years and have been involved with him since birth so I'm including him!!  :tongue: He's a brown tabby as well, looks just like Big Leff only smaller cuz he was the runt of his litter. My friend named him after the League of Legends character because he mained him at the time. He no longer plays lol.
  • Mulder - My current cat! He's my big soft fluffy baby, I love and adore him so so much. He's a black cat with way too much attitude but that's probably what makes him so LORGE [needs somewhere to store the sass]. I named him after Fox Mulder from The X-Files because it's my absolute favorite TV show and Mulder [the character] means SO much to me as someone who very strongly relates to him. When I got him from the adoption center, the guy jokingly asked me if I had a Scully at home and now my new roommate is considering getting a cat and naming them Scully xD

I also remember my Amma telling me about a cat they owned before I was born over in Germany that they named Rutabaga and just called him Ruty and I think that's just the cutest thing ever haha

By and large, I think both my family and I tend to pick names that are either from media we like or are like. inanimate objects we like lol I've always thought it would be kinda fun to name my next pet just some standard mundane people name though, because I like the idea of being able to talk about them like some wild roommate I live with. "Oh yeah I had to pry George off the top of the fridge because he hates the vacuum." or "If I don't feed Melinda at exactly 6am she gets so mad at me and will not let me sleep."

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« Reply #16 on: March 06, 2023 @827.03 »

unironically you sound like the coolest person ever, I didn't know leeches were a creature that could be kept as a pet!
omg! Thank you!! I found out that they could due to none other than the Insidious Bogleech. They're so pretty to watch swim, so I hope I can end up keeping them. Probably won't do so until college or after college but.
Also, I think I'm considering Crunchwrap Supreme as a good pet name, probably for a cat or a ferret tbh.

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« Reply #17 on: March 06, 2023 @863.31 »

omg! Thank you!! I found out that they could due to none other than the Insidious Bogleech. They're so pretty to watch swim, so I hope I can end up keeping them. Probably won't do so until college or after college but.
Also, I think I'm considering Crunchwrap Supreme as a good pet name, probably for a cat or a ferret tbh.

i've been saying for YEARS that if i ever have another chihuahua--which i'm sure i will because i love them--i'm gonna name it crunchwrap!! idk why Taco Bell menu items make me laugh so hard as pet names but it's so funny lmao

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« Reply #18 on: March 12, 2023 @702.96 »

I had a fish who i called Maguffing, who sadly died October last year, it had lived with me for several years, 15 maybe because plecos are such a long live species.

i currently have a veiled male molly who I affectionately called Casanova who cant help but show off to all the other female fish opening his fins in order to get them to mate with him like some sort of peacock, hence the name and yes this include trying to mate with platies despite them not being compatible (for the record I found out that you can crosbreed guppies with mollies and swordtails with playties go figure)

« Reply #19 on: April 09, 2023 @63.52 »

My little calico cat's name is Hazel. I'm a sucker for botanical names and it just suited her the best.
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« Reply #20 on: April 11, 2024 @915.93 »

This is in my profile but I will paste it here for ease  :blush:

Names of all past and current pets:

➣ Penn and Teller (Terrapins) 1992-2000
➣ Magic, Spit, Shimmer and Sparkle (cockatiels) 1992-2005
➣ Norbert, Dagget, Rimmer, Lister, Baron Von Steam Beak and all their fledgling babies (Zebra Finches) 2002-2010
➣ Krissy and Shane (Bengal Finches) 2002-2010
➣ Fido (speckled carpet shark) 2000-2010
➣ Colony of Triops 2003-2010
➣ Assorted nameless albino clawed salt water frogs 2000-2005
➣ Phlegm, Sputum, Skankum, Cough and Vomit (Fire Bellied toads) 2000-2006
➣ Dettol, Domestos, Harpic and Shovelhead (Giant whites dumpy tree frogs) 2001-2015
➣ Klepto & Backpack (hermit crabs) 2001-2007
➣ Nickadeemus (rat) 2000-2004
➣ Bubonic, Ebola and Malaria (rats) 2004-2008
➣ Jacoby (rat) 2004-2010
➣ Peabody and Atlus (rats) 2011-2015
➣ Yolandi and Dizzle (rats) 2015-2019
➣ Fizzle and Rizzle (Gerbils) 2001-2005
➣ Hamtaro, Hickling, Beistle and Voldo (Russian dwarf hamsters) 2001-2003
➣ Skuttelina (Giant African train millipede) 2005-2010
➣ Gregory (Chocolate millipede) 2010-2015
➣ Ronka (Giant African train millipede) 2021-2023
➣ Mantarok and Dagon (Italian Crested Newts) 2001-2017
➣ Temüjin (Egyptian Mau) 1999-2016
➣ Oblina (Norweigan Forest Cat) 2009-Present
➣ Mordecai (mog cat) 2017-Present
➣ Buford (Cane toad) 2005-2011
➣ Splorch (Marbled newt) 2021-Present
➣ Gunky, Lumpy and Stitch (Giant African land snails) 2005-2015
➣ Leech colony 2010-2017
➣ Madagascan hissing cockroach colony 2007-Present
➣ Giant Pepper cockroach colony 2009-Present
➣ Harlequin Cockroach colony 2005-2020
➣ Banana cockroach colony 2005-2020
➣ Deaths head cockroach colony 2006-Present
➣ Turkistan cockroach colony 2006-Present
➣ Dubia cockroach colony 2006-Present
➣ Sun Beetle colony 2017-2020
➣ Kratos (Goliath beetle) 2006-2007
➣ Spindle (Rose hair tarantula) 2006-2021
➣ Shao Kahn (Mexican red rump tarantula) 2007-2022
➣ Wheatley (Western desert blond tarantula) 2011-2022
➣ Ida (Rose hair tarantula) 2007-Present
➣ Pataki (Singapore blue tarantula) 2009-2016
➣ Hallow and Ween (stick insects) 2006-2008
➣ Assorted nameless leopard slug colony 2006-2016
➣ Assorted colony of nameless Skin beetles 2007-2010
➣ Jenkins, Lovecraft, Acid and Tango (Poison Dart Frogs) 2004-2010

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« Reply #21 on: April 30, 2024 @816.24 »

I have a chihuahua-terrier mix named Birdie. I also have a yellow bellied slider [a species of turtle] named Frankie.

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« Reply #22 on: April 30, 2024 @823.72 »

Got a fluffy brown tabby named Smudge because of a little smudge of white on his nose.

Also got a brown tabby named Purrseus because he purrs like a Harley and was hella daring as a kitten. He's lost his edge, though, but not his purr -- or his appetite.


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« Reply #23 on: July 03, 2024 @660.50 »

I have a black and white cat called Oreo  :cheerR: Which is probs the most basic name we could have chosen XD And a dog named Sheldon, named after Sheldon cooper, which is funny cus he's a real dumb ass :>

When I move out I'm getting 3 cats (I love cats XD). They'll be Rupert, Shovel, and Megatron. Rupert named after that cat from [auto redacted], Shovel cus I heard someone say they knew a cat called bucket, so.. And Megatron cus hell yea.

EDIT: "Auto redacted" lol XD if ykyk it's just a guy who really loved his cat and like watched football with him drew him and celebrated his birthday and stuff it was really cute :3 It's here
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« Reply #24 on: July 11, 2024 @448.48 »

Bizarrely i have 2 pets A CHICKEN and a fish i like naming everrything with japanese names!   :ha:  the name of the Chicken is ranma because when was little i dont knowed that she was male or female..And the fish is called tamago!

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