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Author Topic: If you had a Pokemon type...  (Read 4218 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 25, 2023 @240.53 »

I would be Normal/Grass. My weaknesses are numerous, but at least I get STAB on razor leaf and tackle.

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« Reply #31 on: July 25, 2023 @460.51 »

Having done martial arts, I feel Fighting type is most appropriate as a primary type.

And if I'm indulgent, Electric would be my second type, which is a non-existent type combo!
« Reply #32 on: July 25, 2023 @710.66 »

I guess mine would be psychic/dark type given my knowledge and overall quiet nature.
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« Reply #33 on: November 21, 2023 @729.49 »

i'd be an electric-type for sure!! besides the fact that they've become my most reliable little buddies in the game, there's nothing i love more than a good storm with lots and lots of lightning. there's a connection there, y'know?
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« Reply #34 on: November 22, 2023 @652.29 »

electric! it's what I get every time on 'what type are you' quizzes anyway. plus electric-types are super cool. an' yellow.

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« Reply #35 on: November 22, 2023 @787.33 »


Someone is bothering or attacking you? Fly away.

Someone is cornering and attacking you? You poison them, then go away.
Better yet, other pokémons and animals know you are poisonous and don't bother you to begin with.

I'd like to be a Crobat. They're cute and stealthy!
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« Reply #36 on: November 30, 2023 @929.11 »

Hmmm. I think I would be a mono normal type! They can be quite unassuming or middle-of-the-road at first glance: they're quite common (every region has their route 1 normal type), it doesn't have any type resistances and isn't super effective against any type either.

However! I find normal types to actually be really fun and interesting to use in battle once you get familiar with them! Because there are so many, there's a wide range of strategies and their movepools tend to include a buuunch of different types.

So I can really relate to normal types because I know people in my daily life kinda see me as this ordinary, quiet person. But once I open up and really start talking about the stuff I'm into, people say they really enjoy being around me!

(It's also pretty fitting since Return is one of my favorite moves. Like yeah, the damage I dish out would absolutely be equal to my friendship level :4u: plus STAB now)
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« Reply #37 on: December 01, 2023 @11.12 »

Some variant of normal let's be real. Normal/grass probably.

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« Reply #38 on: December 05, 2023 @137.31 »

Probably Normal/Water

Water because I like swimming

Normal because I like horror movies so ghost type moves dont affect me because I dont get scared...yeah...  :ok:

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