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May 28, 2024 - @504.14 (what is this?)
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News: :ha: :pc: Hello Melonland! :pc: :happy:

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Author Topic: Thinking of joining the forum??  (Read 7250 times)
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Wow pleased to meet you; you might be seeing a lot of things here and perhaps you are considering making an account; if thats the case than this thread is for you!!! I'll try to provide some basic info!

Should I Join:
Maybe!!! This forum is focused on creative digital media (e.g. digital art, making websites, gaming games, net art, neocities, and personal craft sites).

This forum is run as an arts project and creative space; its not intended to be a social media space, a town square, or an ad market. Topics and discussions are moderated here to keep the focus on fun and spontaneity, rather than debate and defence.

The community here is non-corporate and generally tends to be left leaning. Members range in age from teens to 70s; however many members are in the mid 20-30s! General knowledge of english is required!  :omg:

When Should I Join:
Thats up to you; I recommend you read the forum for a while, maybe follow it on RSS - you don't need to sign up right away; get a feel for how the vibe suits you and sign up when you start to feel like there are topics you'd like to add!  :4u:

How are accounts approved?
IMPORTANT! New members are manualy approved - this is done to reduse the stress on moderation. (sometimes it takes a week!!)

When you sign up you'll be asked to provide a short intro and/or links to your sites/profiles (this intro is only seen my moderators). When approving new accounts the thing we look for is effort and a feeling of who you are; if you put even a little effort in, you'll prob be approved. External links to sites (even very basic ones) are not essential, but they are great since that shows you're willing to explore web crafting!

The biggest reason accounts don't get approved is because they don't provide any meaningful info in their intro!  :sad:

What extra info do I need?
That should be everything! You can check the wiki for extra info; the rules and form guide are linked at the bottom of every page - please note the forum is closed on Mondays for 24 hours!  :defrag:

GOOD LUCK  :grin:  :grin:  :grin:  :grin:

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