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April 24, 2024 - @154.58 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: U are going away for 4 months! What do you bring?  (Read 380 times)
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« on: November 10, 2023 @759.57 »

You have been invited away for 4 months to stay at a distant (if unexceptional) location; circumstances allow you to do this and so it is time to pack!

What do you bring with you? What are your essentials to continue your life and hobbies? What sort of tech do you take? What sort of things will you miss but leave behind? What do you prioritise to have, versus what can you get while you're away? Is there anything unusual you'd make sure to pack?

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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2023 @785.65 »

Hmm, 4 months is a long time, but I actually plan something similar next year for work! :smile:

I would pack...
  • enough clothes to last 1 week - I'd rather wash frequently than be bogged down with stuff! I'd try to wear a few layers when traveling so there's less I have to carry in the bag 8)
  • Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste (I wouldn't wanna rely on finding a toothpaste I can tolerate where I will be headed.. I recently found out I am sensitive to menthol :angry:), moisturizer, and my deodorant. I assume if I need anything makeup wise, I can buy it there, and while I could pack my soap bars, I'll probably be fine buying shower stuff at the destination.
  • My laptop and its peripherals (mouse, headset, charger) - it is just the best allrounder device, and I can do anything on it - art, music, gaming, coding, watching videos and TV shows/movies, online exams and lectures etc. My iPad, for example, would most likely stay home, because its use is very limited for me, and all I can do on it I can do with my laptop, or on my own, a piece of paper etc.
    I thought about if I would bring my Steam Deck. If the new location had an external screen and a keyboard, probably. Then I could leave my laptop at home and just bring the Deck with the dock. The Steam Deck would facilitate gaming on the go, on the dock, and the Desktop Mode would just be using it as a normal PC. It would definitely save space in the bag and be smaller than the laptop
  • My phone with charging cable and headphones, for payment, navigation, etc.
  • My wallet - self explanatory
  • My own tea. I am a bit picky with foods and beverages, and I would wanna make sure I have access to my favorite teas to feel at home. They're easy enough to pack and small. The other stuff I am used to is pretty international or would take too much space in the bag, so I'd assume I can get it there somehow. If I stay in Europe, this would be very likely.
  • One of my law books for the current university module this semester - what can I say, the grind never stops.

I would miss my exercise mat, and my indoor exercise bike. Both are just impossible or at least impractical to bring. I'll have to make do with what's at the other place, maybe the carpet and the gym. I'll also miss my external screen for my laptop; having two is just so convenient. Depending on where I would be, I would miss the bread, and I would miss specific foods I always buy, like specific oat milk and soy yoghurt brands. I would also miss my tea cup .. it would be more sensible to leave it at home, though. I am really attached to it, how it feels, the weight, the surface, how much it fits. I hate the standard size, small teacups and how some of the weight is distributed (<- unhinged thoughts :tongue:) so..

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« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2023 @934.06 »

  • couple clothes (my wardrobe isn’t very diverse anyway, gonna have to do a lotta washing)

  • All of my electronics: iPhone (for calls and messaging), MacBook (quite literally anything, browsing, coding, music and general pastimes), Apple Watch (quick access to phone functions without having to pull it out) along with all of their accessories (headset, mouse, external drive) and chargers

  • personal stuff like toothbrush, wallet, etc

  • A couple of books from my library (and all of my school books if the trip doesn’t happen to be in the summer)

  • my walkman for tuning into some radio (and playing a cassette if I happen to find one)

and that’s about it, nothing truly groundbreaking lol

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« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2023 @124.04 »

  • My macbook, so I can surf the net, code, write, and draw on the go! Most of my hobbies are online, so I'd like to indulge in them while away :D
  • My switch because gamer.
  • My steamdeck because gamer.
  • A couple books. Likely a prolonged series so I can have consistency which is important to me!
  • Basic clothing. Only two sets, I can buy more :D...
  • My phone so I can call my mom and cry about how much I miss her!
  • My noise cancelling headset because life is too loud sometimes!!!
  • And hopefully my partner! I don't wanna travel alone  :ozwomp:

I would miss my mountain of stuffed toys and other small trinkets like lego, cross stitches, and my comfy comfy bed...! And of course, my family!!!!!!
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« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2023 @217.33 »

- My laptop obviously. Hate to say it but If I'm away from the internet for longer than three days, I'll probably explode.

- My phone. I don't use it very often and I'm much less attached to it compared to other people, but I need it to stay in contact with my family and whatnot.

- My airpods. I NEED my music and there's no way in hell I'm gonna be playing videos out loud in front of strangers.

- My books. I'm steadily attempting to get back into reading and there's no way in hell I'm gonna mess up my routine. If I'm going to be away for that long, I have to bring them.

- My sleeping mask. My stupid ass eyelids never let me go to sleep when I want them to, so I have to use them sometimes.

And of course there's all the self-explanatory stuff, like clothes or hair products. I don't need a lot of things to be happy tbh.

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« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2023 @157.16 »

Electronics: my iPod (if I'm not otherwise engaged or watching YouTube, there's a good chance I'm listening to music), my laptop (I cannot go a day, let alone months, only using the mobile Net, or really using it at all) and my cell (to call and text)
Books: My Bible, plus about fifteen (?) other books---a book a week is a liberal estimate, but just in case either a) I finish them all or b) I get bored
Clothes:Probably my ten favourite tops and five or so pairs of jeans, plus a skirt or two (I never wear skirts these days for irrelevant reasons, but I want to someday); additionally, my basic makeup (concealer and powder foundation, plus the occasional lip gloss)
My purse, wallet, toothbrush and other self-explanatory stuff

I'd miss occasional gaming, DVDs, my comfy bed and desk chair, etc., plus my family assuming this was a solo trip!

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« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2023 @831.17 »

  • my usual necessities, like enough clothes to get by comfortably (like enough tops/bottoms to last maybe a half/full week, like 2 pairs of shoes, some jewelry, etc), toiletries, wallet, mini backpack, etc
  • my fav electronics, including: phone, earbuds, laptop, wii u, switch lite, steam deck, 3ds, all my fav games, art tablet, and necessary chargers/cables
  • some comfort plushies :3
uhh i thought i was gonna list more but i think that's it LOL

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