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Author Topic: Website size  (Read 3038 times)
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« Reply #30 on: April 29, 2023, 03:00:32 pm »

80.8 KB, whatever that means.  :dive:

I host pretty much everything but the html pages themselves on different sites though.

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« Reply #31 on: April 29, 2023, 03:39:18 pm »

If I notice my website slowing down due to it taking too much space

Don’t worry, this is not how websites work  :tongue: your site directory can contain billions of images with no performance impact.

Individual pages can slow down if they have a lot of stuff on them, but that slowdown happens in your visitors browser and hosting the images elsewhere will have no effect (it’ll actually slow it down even more because loading images from multiple domains is a teeeeny bit slower)

It’s better to keep everything in one place no matter how big or small it is  :wink:

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« Reply #32 on: April 30, 2023, 02:08:35 am »

Neocities says 708KB, but then again, I don't have much on my site to begin with :ok:

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« Reply #33 on: April 30, 2023, 05:50:10 pm »

Mine's 105.61 MB, although most of that is from my photo-gallery, because I only recently started compressing images, and my random hoard of images, some of which I've never even used. XD

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« Reply #34 on: July 14, 2023, 07:05:47 pm »

starbreaker.org weighs in at about 78MB total. Most individual pages are relatively small; I don't go nuts on CSS and there's no JavaScript at all. I also don't try to go nuts on big, high-resolution images. However, I do have a few huge pages since I've uploaded entire novels as single web pages, and I also have EPUB and PDF copies to download for my current project.

I checked using the following set of shell commands.

SUM=0; for BYTES in `wget --spider -r 'https://starbreaker.org' 2>&1 | grep Length | cut -d " " -f 2`; do let SUM=$SUM+$BYTES; done; echo "$SUM"

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(...all opinions mine unless attributed, and free to a good home...)
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« Reply #35 on: July 14, 2023, 07:25:37 pm »

102.56 MB, but I'm a Supporter so that's for all of my sites. I think my main site is actually 93.9 MB since that's the size of the backup on my PC.

I think small sites are awesome, but I love my graphics lol.  :ozwomp:

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« Reply #36 on: July 14, 2023, 08:08:25 pm »

Actually, starbreaker.org might only weigh in at about 21MB.

I tried a different command to pull my site as it exists on the host.

wget -mpck --html-extension --user-agent="" -e robots=off --wait 1 -P . www.starbreaker.org

I'm checking the size using the following command. Output is hidden in a spoiler to keep this post from hogging the screen.

du -ch

16K	./colophon
184K	./.well-known
 16K	./library
 16K	./style
 16K	./about
 20K	./blog/just-married
 16K	./blog/my-father-is-dying
 16K	./blog/more-cleanup
 20K	./blog/my-wife-gave-me-alphasmart-3000-christmas
 16K	./blog/cop-in-my-head
 16K	./blog/archetypal-tech-recruiter
 16K	./blog/youtube-kids-wasteland-no-shit-sherlock
 28K	./blog/choose-life-problem-video-games
 16K	./blog/ides-of-march
 20K	./blog/one-nation-above-god
 16K	./blog/mastodon-preview-cards
 20K	./blog/making-meaning
 12K	./blog/notes-on-pancreatic-cancer-screening
 12K	./blog/re-against-bingeing-tv
 48K	./blog/writing-wonders-june-2023
 12K	./blog/unpleasant-truths-about-culture-fit
 12K	./blog/haiku-from-my-study-window
 12K	./blog/truth-about-us-taxes
 16K	./blog/cobra-kai-at-work
 16K	./blog/playing-woman-ffxiv
 12K	./blog/glory-and-blame
 12K	./blog/little-changes
 12K	./blog/stuff-i-might-use-later
 24K	./blog/disdain-profanity-luxury-belief
 20K	./blog/gina-carano-will-be-fine
 32K	./blog/you-should-listen-to-galneryus
 16K	./blog/strangers-watching-me-work
 12K	./blog/cicadas
 20K	./blog/would-you-recommend-us-to-your-friends
 36K	./blog/going-dark
 12K	./blog/first-world-problems
 20K	./blog/re-static-site-generators
 12K	./blog/not-this-shit-again-acab
 12K	./blog/ticketmaster-delenda-est
 32K	./blog/make-your-own-video-playlist-in-an-atom-feed-with-gnu-recutils
 20K	./blog/on-imperative-niceness
 12K	./blog/dont-worry-im-still-ok
 12K	./blog/letter-to-npr-re-social-media
 16K	./blog/on-allyship
 28K	./blog/spiral-architect/chapter-003
 24K	./blog/spiral-architect/chapter-004
 12K	./blog/spiral-architect/prima-donna
 28K	./blog/spiral-architect/chapter-005
 28K	./blog/spiral-architect/chapter-002
 52K	./blog/spiral-architect/outtakes/studfindr-job/draft
 24K	./blog/spiral-architect/outtakes/studfindr-job/outline
 76K	./blog/spiral-architect/outtakes/studfindr-job
 76K	./blog/spiral-architect/outtakes
 32K	./blog/spiral-architect/chapter-001
 24K	./blog/spiral-architect/synopsis
252K	./blog/spiral-architect
 16K	./blog/insomnia
 12K	./blog/just-some-other-assholes-computer
 12K	./blog/another-paypal-phishing-attempt
 16K	./blog/banned-from-tildes-too
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 20K	./blog/zucks-new-threads
 16K	./blog/alice-cooper-live-hershey
 12K	./blog/fun-with-dates-and-emacs
 12K	./blog/proprietary-video-games
 12K	./blog/wife-first-or-mother
 16K	./blog/re-naming-computers
 20K	./blog/re-thoughts-on-rss
 20K	./blog/florida-man-bans-abortion
 20K	./blog/xterm-because-worse-better
 16K	./blog/reworking-blogroll
 20K	./blog/entries-new-devils-dictionary
 16K	./blog/just-bought-piano
 12K	./blog/wrong-kind-of-diversity
 16K	./blog/egoism-neutrality-zeal
 16K	./blog/gloomy-monday-thoughts-about-computers
 16K	./blog/books-i-never-finished
 24K	./blog/amazon-wheel-of-time
 20K	./blog/why-im-going-to-block-you
 16K	./blog/not-for-her-sake
 12K	./blog/does-therapy-work-for-men
 16K	./blog/re-does-blog-need-to-integrate
 20K	./blog/jesus-he-knows-me
 16K	./blog/your-screen-is-tasty
 16K	./blog/village-voice-isnt-really-back
 12K	./blog/harry-frankfurt-on-bullshit
 16K	./blog/leftist-dating-advice-considered-harmful
 24K	./blog/installing-devuan-31-migrating-ceres
 36K	./blog/my-manhood-property-way
 12K	./blog/internal-wifi-mistake
 16K	./blog/scarlet-dorn
 12K	./blog/magician-parrot
 16K	./blog/fertility-crisis-youre-welcome
 16K	./blog/bostock-v-clayton-county
 44K	./blog/persona4-golden
 20K	./blog/re-makefiles-for-fun-and-profit
 16K	./blog/maybe-i-dont-want-to-be-reached
 12K	./blog/getting-back-into-it
 28K	./blog/flaming-telepaths
 16K	./blog/hearing-rainfall
 12K	./blog/leaving-cult-how-leave-tech-industry
 24K	./blog/reality-where-html-never-existed
 24K	./blog/text-mode-weekened-part-deux
 12K	./blog/fantasmagoria
 12K	./blog/relevance-junkies
 16K	./blog/theme-variations-eternal-return
 12K	./blog/there-goes-your-feed-again
 24K	./blog/thoughts-on-insurrection
 32K	./blog/creating-youtube-thumbnails-shell-script
 20K	./blog/re-thoughts-on-silly-hats
 40K	./blog/things-dont-have-friends
 12K	./blog/parental-rights
 12K	./blog/shadowbanned
 16K	./blog/re-acting-your-wage-will-atrophy-your-abilities
 16K	./blog/seed-of-an-ending-soft-doctrines
 16K	./blog/dammit-apple
 16K	./blog/no-resolutions-in-2023
 12K	./blog/then-im-against-you
 12K	./blog/vocabulary-lessons
 20K	./blog/containment-social-media-dangers-imitation
 16K	./blog/re-box-of-doom
 20K	./blog/still-derisive-about-marketing
 16K	./blog/re-really-getting-started-with-hugo
104K	./blog/extending-pblog
 16K	./blog/blocking-crap-with-hosts-file
 16K	./blog/re-soft-deletion-probably-isnt-worth-it
 28K	./blog/austin-emily/living-pleasure-epicurean-guide-life
 28K	./blog/austin-emily
 20K	./blog/of-course-i-worked-there-so-what
 12K	./blog/poem-for-mass-resignation
 16K	./blog/my-father-is-dead
 16K	./blog/building-site-for-my-fiction-with-pblog
 12K	./blog/cancellation-of-emily-wilder-cowardly-associated-press
 20K	./blog/they-too-are-gods-children
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 12K	./blog/definitive-count-monte-cristo
 16K	./blog/spamtoberfest
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 16K	./blog/always-remote
 20K	./blog/re-ultimate-linux-arm64-workstation
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 12K	./blog/dragon-hunting-helvetia-delenda-est
 16K	./blog/podcasts-have-always-sucked
 20K	./blog/text-mode-weekend
 12K	./blog/i-voted-by-mail
 12K	./blog/parallel-flac-transcoding-linux
 16K	./blog/real-sex-education
 20K	./blog/party-like-its-1989
 12K	./blog/crypto-direct-deposit-wtf
 16K	./blog/racist-lovecraft-self-righteous-internet-leftists
 24K	./blog/goddammit-jon-schaffer
 20K	./blog/make-them-reject-you
 16K	./blog/programmers-grimoires
 12K	./blog/tina-guo
 24K	./blog/personal-websites-self-portraiture
 12K	./blog/nothing-like-bad-phishing-attempt
 16K	./blog/covid-19-one-megadeath-later
 24K	./blog/web3-coming-for-authors
 12K	./blog/fuck-microservice-architecture
 16K	./blog/re-all-you-need-html
 20K	./blog/i-want-my-bsd
 16K	./blog/parler-had-it-coming
 12K	./blog/preventing-llm-scraping
 20K	./blog/holy-smoke
 12K	./blog/about-my-ad-blocker
 24K	./blog/turning-forty
 20K	./blog/they-came-from-hacker-news
 16K	./blog/re-stop-using-custom-web-fonts
 20K	./blog/well-known-url-cv-resume
 20K	./blog/trying-friendica
 44K	./blog/catherine-lucille-moore-queen-pulps
 16K	./blog/learning-vue
 16K	./blog/2010-2019-decade-in-review
 16K	./blog/questions-for-your-cast
 12K	./blog/aspects-tyranny-oppression
 12K	./blog/salary-range-or-gtfo
 16K	./blog/hellbound-curse-god-live
 12K	./blog/thought-incel-real-thought
 20K	./blog/literature-aint-burger-king
 20K	./blog/burn-the-mothers-down
 16K	./blog/re-high-property-taxes-are-good-actually
 12K	./blog/shite-hustle-no-revenue
 20K	./blog/companies-are-failing-everybody
 16K	./blog/what-five-stages-of-grief
 20K	./blog/fuck-trump-lets-go-brandon
 12K	./blog/been-sick
 16K	./blog/re-the-syndicate
 12K	./blog/ruin-date-one-word
 12K	./blog/you-are-not-normal
 12K	./blog/smile-he-said
 24K	./blog/roe-wade-overturned
 20K	./blog/final-fantasy-vii-relived
 40K	./blog/nofap-hoax-by-anonymous
 16K	./blog/what-really-caused-nationfall
3.7M	./blog
100K	./links
8.0K	./now
 16K	./jukebox
 52K	./fiction/screenplays/shattered-guardian/cemetery-gates
 20K	./fiction/screenplays/shattered-guardian/memory-remains
 72K	./fiction/screenplays/shattered-guardian
 56K	./fiction/screenplays/killing-machine
128K	./fiction/screenplays
 44K	./fiction/stories/limited-liability
 44K	./fiction/stories/tattoo-vampire
 44K	./fiction/stories/thirteen-cuts
 44K	./fiction/stories/holiday-rush
100K	./fiction/stories/steadfast
 40K	./fiction/stories/milgram-battery
316K	./fiction/stories
 56K	./fiction/unfinished/saint-of-traitors
120K	./fiction/unfinished/soft-doctrines
548K	./fiction/unfinished/when-you-dont-see-me
724K	./fiction/unfinished
764K	./fiction/novels/without-bloodshed
856K	./fiction/novels/silent-clarion
1.9M	./fiction/novels/starbreaker
3.4M	./fiction/novels
 12K	./fiction/wip/spiral-architect
 24K	./fiction/wip
4.6M	./fiction
 16K	./elsewhere
 10M	./media
 21M	.
 21M	total

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« Reply #37 on: August 05, 2023, 06:59:40 pm »

Wowzers, the scripts I've written for my site's visuals have bigger file sizes than your entire site!  :tnt: Albeit, a good amount of that is code comments & quality-of-life stuff to make my scripts both highly configurable & easier for other people to use.

My page is being made as a sort of visual art, but looking at the file sizes, about 85% of the site's total (4.3MB) size is in 2 different images that I'm not really even using. :ohdear: Without those images, the site is about 700kB, and without any other images, it's about 400 kB. I haven't separated all my scripts & styles into their own files yet, but after separating out 2 of the 5 scripts I'm planning to separate from my pages, about 100 kB is in those 2 JS files, and about 300 kB is in those 3 pages' HTML files.

My intuition has been that having no images would make for a lighter site, which is true in general but not in every case. If you hit refresh while you're on my About page, you'll notice that the stars in the background actually randomize themselves each time you load the page. I created this starfield on a (currently-inline :eyes: ) simple script instead of using any background images, and if I do a quick & messy cut & paste to separate the starfield code into a JS file, the code takes up 5.18 kB. For comparison with similar effects that use images instead, the starsky.gif image on the MelonLand default theme takes up 2.3 kB, and the (commonly used & rightly so) background gif attached takes 9.69 kB for the one with a black background and 4.48 kB for the one with a transparent background.

The code version is much more configurable (which I'll be able to demonstrate on my Effects Maker page  :ozwomp: the code is able to change the max & min sizes, densities, colors, and other things about the stars & starfield), but depending on which image you select, you can get the same basic effect for a lower file size with just an image. This is antithetical to half of why I made the starfield effect in the first place, to save on file size by not using a background image (and the other half being to make it more dynamic in the sense that it gives you your own unique starfield). In one sense, it fails the file size requirement, but in another sense, you get a LOT more content capabilities out of the code version.

I think I'll continue my strategy of writing code instead of using background images, if only so I can share those background effect scripts with other people. Surely, the DOM uses some amount of resources to load up the page, which should probably be considered when thinking of an optimized site, but I'll leave that question for the other eggheads.  :evil:

* 128.gif (9.69 kB, 304x234 - viewed 10 times.)

* space.gif (4.48 kB, 304x234 - viewed 9 times.)
« Last Edit: August 12, 2023, 04:49:46 am by kallistero » Logged

the jellyfish noodles are so spicy :sad:

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« Reply #38 on: August 30, 2023, 07:40:54 pm »

Oh boy! Another topic I love xD Some of this is a tad tangent-y, but it fits in with the context of the thread, so I'll leave it.

Right out of the gate, the file sizes of your website really isn't important in the grand scheme of things, unless your host offers very limited storage. Bandwidth is far more important than the size of a whole site in almost every single case, as this is what the end user is going to notice more because it dictates how fast/slow your site loads.

Case in point, the homepage for one of my sites is about 165kb, none of the files for which are optimized/minified, which breaks down as:
891 bytes for index.html
2.7kb for the site's entire CSS file
17.3 kB for a custom font file that's used everywhere
678 bytes for a nav that lods in via JS
143.1 kB for a background image

That's tiny, right? And you'd think tiny would mean it loads fast, so that's good... But it may not be. When I was writing the JS for my sidebar, I messed up, and the page took forever to load. I've also had tiny but poorly-written CSS files have the same effect because the browser needs time to render the page, and if its gotta loop through multiple CSS rules that overwrite each other, that's going to take some time to do the calculations.

If you want your site to load quicker, reducing file sizes blindly is generally not where you want to focus. Clean up your code so the browser doesn't need to work any harder than it needs to, and focus on caching files like your CSS and anything that gets reused across many pages that you can load with JS/iFrames or native HTML solutions. Your browser only has to download these files once, and things load faster... Plus it does, incidentally, have the side-effect of making file sizes smaller too, so... Brought it back around lol
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« Reply #39 on: September 12, 2023, 01:25:27 pm »

as of this writing:


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