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July 16, 2024 - @413.31 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: Resident Evil 4 - Chainsaw Demo  (Read 554 times)
« on: March 10, 2023 @885.35 »

Who here has played the RE4 remake demo that just came out? What do you think?

I just finished it and have some thoughts.

When they announced they were remaking RE4 instead of Code Veronica, I was really disappointed because RE4 still holds up really well today. Code Veronica is still great, but it could benefit from a remake a lot more than RE4.

RE4 is also one of my favourite games, so I had a lot of worries about how the remake might turn out. But the demo has pretty much done away with all of them. The graphics are a nice upgrade, but they're actually what impressed me the least about the demo. What really blew me away were the accessibility options. I was so impressed with what Capcom has offered that I had to rush to Melonland immediately and tell everyone :P

I've had a lot of trouble with motion sickness over the last few years. I can't watch 3D movies anymore and some games have become really difficult to play, especially some of the most recent Resident Evils. I barely made it through RE7, and I had to totally stop playing Village because I'd feel sick for hours after playing for only a few minutes. I had hoped that the new third-person camera that came with the DLC would fix that because the RE2 and RE3 remakes didn't bother me much, but it barely helped. The tight field of view, cramped environments and screen distortion effects all gang up on me and make me want puke.

The RE4 demo lets you turn off and adjust all of that. You can turn off chromatic aberration, lens distortion and motion blur, and you can crank the FOV way up. I didn't feel even a little bit of nausea throughout the whole demo.

On top of that, there are some really nice control options that help with aiming. I don't have any mobility issues, but I suck at aiming with a controller regardless. RE4 lets you enable target snap and there's a slider to adjust how much your reticle will automatically follow moving targets, so you can have as much assistance as you need. If it helps me not suck at aiming, I imagine it'll be a great help to anyone who really needs it.

Besides accessibility options, I'm really happy how the remake has a better balance of horror and action. My one complaint about RE4 is that it was too far removed from its survival horror roots. It was fun as heck, but almost never felt scary.
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