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July 16, 2024 - @441.18 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: Recurring dreams  (Read 670 times)
« on: May 31, 2023 @549.69 »

I see that there's another discussion regarding school dreams on this site, but I'd like to ask users about general dreams that happen to be recurring! I just woke up from a recurring dream I've experienced since... Gosh, primary school? Around 10 years old? And I'm curious if anyone else has long time recurring dreams too!

The Dream
The setting is never really the same (except for one instance) but rather, it's how the events play out that are always the same. I'll be at some sort of celebration or party, but more as a bystander rather than a participant. Last nights dream was about me working on a cruise ship, where I spent my break people watching and counting the stars rather than taking part in the party. Anyway, at some point in the party the sky starts to light up far faster than what could be considered a natural passage of time. And then me, and all of these strangers, will stop what we're doing and instead stare at the sky. Like we're transfixed, or somehow commanded to watch.

Slowly, but also quickly at the same time, the sky gets brighter and brighter until I eventually remember: That's the sun. The sun is expanding in the night sky and I know that it means my end. I somehow know that everyone in the party knows the natural outcome of this scenario too, but still we stare. Though, every time without fail, I wake up right before the sun engulfs the whole sky.

If you're into dream meanings too (which I am), I've taken this dream to be a good one. Re-telling it like this might have me coming across as talking about a nightmare scenario, but I'm filled with such peace and belonging in these dreams. As if I was supposed to be there, always. I like to think it means a rebirth of sorts, or a closing of one chapter and into the next. It's comforting, at the very least, to have these dreams and I think today will be a good day because I had this dream!

So, do you experience any recurring dreams? Would you like to elaborate on them here? And, if you'd like, please delve into what you think the meaning behind your dream is!
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« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2023 @617.40 »

There are several for me, but one is especially repetitive and I've had that one since I was a pre-teen.

There is an old gym building that is abandoned and half destroyed. Kids played in there out of curiosity and got trapped by falling debris and collapsing parts, and I have to rescue them (I don't know why; I have nothing to do with kids irl and I don't want to have kids).
And when I first dreamed that dream, I took the wrong way through the gym and died by a collapse. But a couple months later, the same dream happened and it all looked the same, and I knew if I took that path, I would die. So I took the other, survived, and entered a new area. This repeated until over the course of a few years, just trial and erroring my way through, solving little puzzles and so on. I finally knew the entire correct path by heart at some point and was able to rescue them. Since then it is very rare that this dream happens.

I don't really know what it could mean, maybe something about the inner child and overcoming adversity, saving my childhood self from things, rescuing myself out of situations I feel stuck in :smile:

Another repetitive one that is much shorter and simpler is my money dream. In that dream I am in a souvenir shop. It never looks the same, but you can tell by what is offered it is the typical kind of small knick knack shop. And when I wanna buy something there and open my purse, either the purse is full of money or completely empty. Dreaming that the purse is empty results in an unexpected big expense the next few days in real life. When I dream that the purse is full of money, I soon will get some unexpected money in real life (money gifts, bonuses from work etc.). It is extremely accurate, but I don't really know what the purpose is..

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« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2023 @390.69 »

Wow, those are pretty detailed  :omg:

Not sure I have good enough memory to remember anything like that, but motif wise, I have 2 super common ones: teeth being really loose and falling out, and going to the bathroom. Pretty sure these are pretty easy to unravel, but still, they happen to me super often, like twice a month or something.

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« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2023 @696.06 »

I have two recurring situations! The dreams are never really the same, but the same things keep happening, I'd say once every two weeks for quite a few years now.

First, I'm in a bookstore trying to find something to buy, and I can't find anything. I get really anxious because either I already have the book, I don't want to read it, it's a sequel to a first book I don't have, or it's in a language I can't understand. And this actually came true once lol, a family friend opened a bookstore like five years back and when I went, I couldn't find ANYTHING that I liked enough to want to buy. Ended up buying a paperback, movie tie-in edition of Coraline, which I wasn't super pumped about but ended up not hating when I read it.

And the second one is just trying to use a restroom but it's INSANELY public. Like, no walls, everyone can see me, I'm on a platform overlooking a crowded room, if there's a door people keep coming in and comenting on my sistuation. Every time I wake up I laugh about it, but I have a really hard time on the dream itself hahaha
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« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2023 @996.30 »

so i don't really have reoccurring dreams but i do have reoccurring themes. here are some common ones:

the house
for whatever reason there's this house that appears frequently in my dreams and i'm always able to recognize it without fail. it's appearance is always different, but i tend to always notice that there is a very thin and windy entryway and a large pit in the floor that goes to a lower section that i'm not allowed in. i always feel very comforted there. i think it's because it reminds me of being a kid as some portions tend to be a distortion of my grandparents' houses. the section that's closed off isn't because of any malicious reason, but rather because i am a child and i'm just not allowed down there.

for some reason escalators appear a LOT in my dreams. and it's never one escalator, it's a whole bunch of them in impossible geometry of them intersecting and wrapping around each other. they are always a lil stressful because i have no idea where to go.

i always have this place where it's a bathroom except there is very few walls and a TON of urinals, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc. every time i go to it no one is using any of it but rather changing clothing for whatever reason. i hate going in them and it always makes me feel so tense because it's the vibes of a guy's locker room and i feel unsafe.

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« Reply #5 on: July 20, 2023 @879.38 »

The events of my dreams are never consistent, but the settings are. They're always in the same warped version of my childhood home and street. As well as sorrounding areas and my first schook. There are also these shopping centres, airport, cruise ship, and even this theme park/cinema/swimming poll combo centre. All of which have the same layout and aesthetic every time. These areas don't actually exist in real life, but I could navigate them blindfolded!

I should realise these somehow, maybe as 3D web worlds, game levels or even references tk use to determine how my alternate universe looks and feels.

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« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2023 @887.19 »

I generally don't remember my dreams. I only remember that I dream in infrared.

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