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June 15, 2024 - @355.06 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: Share your Notes App  (Read 786 times)
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« on: June 04, 2023 @474.43 »

Everyone keeps a notes app! It's the app on your phone where you jot down notes or quotes, things to remember, times and other moments when you find them! Notes apps are highly personal, but sometimes it can be intresting to express something that's normally out of sight.

What's in your notes app? (Feel free to edit out things you don't wanna include - also you can include old notes or things you wrote and forgot about, sometimes those are the best  :grin: )

I will add some notes shortly.

everything lost will be recovered, when you drift into the arms of the undiscovered
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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2023 @493.01 »

The native notes app of the iPhone. I also have a Notion, but it's more for things I don't need often that I update or look at every few weeks or months. The notes app is for more immediate, daily stuff or holds things I wanted to transfer to Notion but haven't yet...

  • my shopping list
  • meal ideas because I suck at deciding what I wanna eat, which is a copy of something i have in my Notion
  • plans for my Neocities sites
  • a text I wrote on the train that I plan to publish on my smolpub
  • a list with career ideas and plans (I should transfer that to Notion)
  • a list of song and album name ideas
  • a list of stuff I wanna buy
  • a document with unfinished poetry bits and pieces so I can write and combine on the go
  • a poem my girlfriend wrote on my phone about farts
  • ACNH villagers list
  • My ring sizes for all fingers
  • List of piracy sites
  • A list of funny and a little cringe pickup lines

Thank you for bringing it up, I was able to delete a lot of unneccessary and old notes. :smile:

Odo was just an idea. Shevek is the proof.
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« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2023 @540.61 »

@shevek that's cheating, you have to actually post the notes  :ok:

A few notes!! - I mainly use an app called Tot!

Most recent notes form the past few weeks:
Folk music when the forum closes


add a crust section - reduce post section with no discussion unless necessary


For me everything is the past, every tree is like a tree we walked under, every colour is a colour we saw - but to you nothing, not even words now connect to the past

Tips should be solutions - e.g. things you can do with your website

"Most obviously, they help us understand what it is to be a 'fan' (or a
'punk' or a 'skinhead" or a 'riot grril). Yet they further allow insight into cultural preoccupations and socio-political understandings. Flick through their yellowing, stapled pages and alternative cultural narratives are recovered, hidden voices are heard, cultural networks are pieced together and formative political awakenings discovered.? For all their immediacy, fanzines serve as residues of youthful agency; 'visual and verbal rants' freed from the pressures of censorship, editorial dictates, subbing and deadlines."

How does your rose bud, game ball

Homely Wi-Fi networks after a long trip
Do you smile when your looking at your phone?

Wheel of love game website
Grey austerity box websites

Closed page on the zine
Use bubble letters gifs

Spinning sky box like dungeons of dreams fly video

Windows of melonking like Sirius art triad

TextureTown grid wall print


The kids have forgotten things from 15 years ago so you can just do them again

The hormonal hurricane of teen pop culture is not about any artist or subject, it’s about the act of shared experience. A brief moment worth cherishing. Shaun Cassidy

Music Notes: (songs I need to lookup)
Moby - Next Is The E (Main Mix) - 1991 unreleased

John Somebody, Part 1 by Scott Johnson
**Fruitcake" by Sweet Knives**

The Heat is On by Cut Worms
Josie by Dion
Scream Across a Low Fence" by Witness K

Somebody turned on the light - Arlo Guthire

Stolen Moments - Lucinda Williams
Push the Swing - Laura Cantrell
Better Days - Zack Keim

I Hate Myself for Loving You - Joan Jett

Den Syngende Strejkes Kor Og Orkester - Sangen Fra Amagertorv
Jediwannabe by Bellatrix

Alone With You - The Anderson Council
Es Begann by Hans Blum
In Another Man's Arms by The Artistics
Beach Baby by First Class
Little Willy by The Sweet
California Sun by Ramones

Teenage Idol by Ricky Nelson
They Showed Me The Door To Bohemia by Jonathan Richman

Older random notes and quotes:
listing colours like joseph technicolor dream coat and page chnages colour too

Emails shlould have a mix of fonts and colours like a kid wrote them

Shadow vale and the people of silence
i dont understand anything; moments of reason are like nightmares in the day

"The past tempts us, the future frightens us, the present confuses us; and our lives slip away minute-by-minute in the vast and terrible in-between." (Babylon 5)

Cheers to art and humour

Meaningful interactions

Ad for groks, do you have enough groks??

Tusk dance - Ozwomps invading. many dancing ozwomps!
Bubble sprites all over the client from e-mail interaction

Momg gif click to e-mail a picture button

“You aint worth a grain of salt in my salty salty tears”

The VC Art World - Hito Steyerl
“A crypto-exclusive fund that fuses
infrastructure, finance, art, unique collectibles,
and virtual estates. The twelfth art world is
decolonial de-fi. We are in the process of
constructing a crypto-museum that is not only
digital but also psychical. A place where our
culture is preserved and protected. It will be a
place where our culture is bought and sold. It will
be a place where our culture is traded and
transferred. It will be a place where our culture is
stolen and returned. It will be a place where our
culture is destroyed and ruined. It will be a place
where our culture is protected and destroyed. It
will be a place where our culture is decentralized
and stolen.”

“Strong drink is what we want to gull the people,
A hearty, brisk, and animating tipple;
Come, come, no more delay, no more excuses,
The stuff we ask you for, at once produce us.
Lose this day loitering—’twill be the same story
To-morrow–and the next more dilatory;
Then indecision brings its own delays,
And days are lost lamenting o’er lost days.
Are you in earnest? seize this very minute–
What you can do, or dream you can, begin it,
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it,
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated—
Begin it, and the work will be completed!”
**Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? John Anster?**

everything lost will be recovered, when you drift into the arms of the undiscovered
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« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2023 @564.90 »

But mine are so many! :P

add a crust section - reduce post section with no discussion unless necessary
mmmm, Forum Pizza...

okay I will select a few and you'll have to guess what they are!

  • Juicer
  • Vacuum robot
  • Bidet addition to toilets
  • Vanity (furniture]
  • 1,60m canopy bed
  • pink faux fur bed cover

  • 54/55 (7-7.5)
  • 53/54 (6.5-7)
  • 49/50 (5)
  • 54
  • 53

  • The faerie as stand in for lgbt community
  • Neil/Silvers story as trans allegory
  • Gala's pre-fury as PMS

  • vegan memory game
  • shrine for sand dollar and armadillo
  • link to dominion
  • rework project pages
  • safe space/chill/screensaver page
  • RSS for Deck, Castle
  • Reading corner
  • add clock to shelf for timer page

"Wo die Wasser rauschend stürzen
und wir in der Sonne sitzen
Hört man aus den Ritzen
laut den Ton von Ava's Fürzen"

  • Arsenic wallpaper
  • Post-Patchouli Bootycall
  • weed virgin
  • train in armor
  • the missing sandals

Odo was just an idea. Shevek is the proof.
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« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2023 @590.51 »

mmmm, Forum Pizza...
I genuinely have no idea what that note means :drat:

54/55 (7-7.5)
53/54 (6.5-7)
49/50 (5)
These are the worst pickup lines iv ever seen! :drat::drat:
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everything lost will be recovered, when you drift into the arms of the undiscovered
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« Reply #5 on: June 07, 2023 @31.25 »

"Wo die Wasser rauschend stürzen
und wir in der Sonne sitzen
Hört man aus den Ritzen
laut den Ton von Ava's Fürzen"

 :chef: virtuos!

I just use Google Keep from time to time when I can't find a pen and paper, lol. That's why I always forget to even open the app!

02.01.2023 1.5h
03.01.2023 1.5h
05.01.2023 0.5h
13.02.2023 2h
14.02.2023 1h
18.02.2023 0.5h
20.02.2023 1.5h
26.02.2023 1h
04.03.2023 0.5h
11.03.2023 1.5h
12.03.2023 1.5h
29.03.2023 1h
30.03.2023 0.5h
04.03.2023 2h
05.03.2023 2h
25.03.2023 2h
26.03.2023 1h
27.03.2023 1h
28.03.2023 1h
29.03.2023 1h

Introduction to Functional Programming
• 26.02.
• 30 min prep, Open Book
• 2 questions theory
• Project discussion
• Office 203
• * 24.02. submission

Shopping list strawberry salad
sunflower seeds

weeb watchlist
big blue

Arnold Böcklin
Giovanni segatini
rechter Schrank Fenster, oben Handtuch holen
Schwestern fragen wegen Entlassung


xx <3
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« Reply #6 on: June 07, 2023 @60.13 »

My art notes are buried in a poorly organized Zim notebook, and are generally incomprehensible:

Light Notes
- set overlay over flats, as ambient light? light falloff appears to hue shift
- falloff shows the light's colour?
- the bulk of the light is white?
- the more light travels, the more it blends with ambient light?
- the hue shift in falloff may be the light's own colour scattering, not ambient light
- speculars are the mid point between the light source, and the camera
- would a mirror at the right angle give another specular? it does, but how does it work?
- sunlight barely has falloff on earth because of the size

- hue shifts by roughly 15~20 or 30~45 degrees (15~20 30~45 hue) with direct light
- direct light can be divided into three parts, the strongest point being white, the main colour, then the faded colour (e.g. white, yellow, orange)
   - alternatively, could be divided into two
   - colour 0 and 1 are low saturation, colour 2 is higher in saturation, colour 2 has the fadeoff point, which makes it run out of saturation
   - +27~29 sat for colour 2, 30+ from 1 to 2 sounds fine
   - levels appear to jump more, depending on color/gamma
   - HOWEVER csp treats saturation differently. according to it, the saturation for 1 it at its peak, then 2 gradually gets weaker

sphere wall light + ambo chair light hue levels:
40 - 340







sat is strongest at centre of direct light, desats as it fades?

- Keep fallout law in mind when making gradients?


Gradient Map
1. highlight
2. light
3. base light
4. unused
5. shade
6. ambient light

1. 0      100
2. 20   80
3. 40   60
4. 60   40
5. 80   20
6. 100   0

gradient steps:

ambient first:
* 0: ambient
* 20: shade
* 40: unused, used simply to hold place
* 60: base light
* 80: light
* 100: highlight

occlusion first:

occlusion shadows are added manually with this method

since you are applying the saturation to the gradient map itself, you need to keep the values of the gradient map's colours into account. the patterns under saturation should work fine.

you may want to flatten the base shading, then apply the saturation gradient, to keep the ambient pattern, made a duplication of it, and then copy and paste that to the top set to saturation above the gradient

Then there's my temporary notes that don't get saved to a file. I often lose these notes when my laptop runs out of power, but they're generally not important.

layout, text align wiki, title index link w/ alt text?
yomichan korean conjugation
japanese rss feeds
wget pixiv epub scrape?
rss feeds for lang practice

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i have grown accustomed to your face...

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« Reply #7 on: June 08, 2023 @680.65 »

grabbing my phone right now lets see what i have in my notes...

Sensations I Like:
>The sun hitting my legs
>Colors comprised in gummy worms
>Eating something after taking a shower
>Snuggling into a blanket while barechested
>Laying down after a long day out of the house
roleplay website where i'm a 40 y/o woman who discovered the kinning community and she blogs about it
OC Ideas
>he/him stone butch bus driver
>sims 3 rockstar oc that owns a limo
>A couple has been dating for about three years, and the man still hasn't proposed. The woman is getting impatient, and after a drunken night out on the town, she proposes to him. He loves her--but he says no-- owing to his belief that it's a man's job to propose. This awkward moment leads the pair down a path neither expected.
>space candles that can take u to another dimension

Quotes from friends:
"Sometimes in life we've gotta take the Michael Buble CD out before we put the Depeche Mode CD in"
"Do you ever just take a massive shit you start sweating and you have to strip down and hold onto the counter for support"

Random thoughts when I'm out of the house:
>what if the afterlife was just a huge store with lots of florescent lights
like a dystopian capitalistic afterlife. everyone still has to pay for things, always. Jesus BitCoins LMAO
>this 2000s song is sampling soft cell i just think thats cool
>this old guy in front of me is so fine, he is my transition goal fr
>saw this guy outside while on the bus, on his phone, and he has this t shirt in comic sans font that says "people like you are the reason people like me need medication" and.. mood tbh
>fred durst and jonathan davis at pride
>nervously fidgets with jewelry not our of anxiety but because they aren't used to wearing any
>i guess what fred durst meant by his hit song "break stuff" he was referring to one's eardrums :'(
>geico lizard as monty gator from FNAF security breach
>mobius strip bagels training video
>if cleanliness is godliness, i guess im a satanist

a poem from a year or so ago:
1039 am
long sunny days
the sun permits
the night of humidity
and the call of cicadas
to shed their skin
ravish their lovers
and die
how i envy that

From time to time
I may speak in cliché
It's a sign of my age
What can I say?
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« Reply #8 on: June 09, 2023 @962.34 »

This is SIGNIFICANTLY more than what I thought I'd find rummaging through my computer's NotePad/WordPad files, but here you go. Enjoy probing my mind.

(I also apologize for some of these being entire recollections of past experiences or dreams. Not very sure if those count as notes, but.. whatever.)

Jape (noun)
: something designed to arouse amusement or laughter

Nomad (noun)
: an individual who roams about

Defrock (verb)
: to remove from a position of honor or privilege

Nirvana (noun)
: a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality

Deify (verb)
: to take as an object of worship

Denizen (noun)
: one that frequents a place
1992 Mazda 323
You are within the front seat in the firing line

Systems are failing, losing time

You hear a voice through the mist of your mind

"We're tryin', sir, but I don't like the signs!"
Wait.. people don't think I'm an asshole?
There was a gigantic tree that we could see from our window, it could've been as tall as Mount Fuji
and maybe about half as thick. All of it's insides had rotted out overnight and all that
was left was a surrealistic, black outline of what it used to be.

I went outside and stood next to a vehicle with a bunch of it's blackened limbs and internal rot
in various large, metal bins that was parked in a very slanted manner in the middle of a small lot
of concrete. It looked like it had just pulled in temporarily (backwards for some reason) with only
a few feet or so of room between it and the road. Some lad in a garbage truck came by to say that
there's a 700 dollar fine for parking and leaving waste vehicles is residential areas for too long,
so I told him I wasn't the driver and he left.

I noticed that the tree was twisting in the wind as opposed to swaying, so I went left a bit to clear whatever was blocking some of my sight to the right.

The tree had incredibly thick and rubbery roots at the bottom that were being twisted by the wind
as well... like the roots were the puppet, the rotted outlines of the trunk were the strings,
and the wind was the puppeteer. What the hell...
I've never actually had a dream within Mario 64, but I've had at least one funky one where I was the Mario you play as.

For some reason it started out as an odd version of Luigi's Mansion... after I solved a puzzle and found a room I had never seen before, the character I was/was playing as switched from Luigi to N64 Mario and I realized that the room was far blander than the rooms in LM typically are. It was dim, small and empty with two half-open windows facing each other on opposite walls. I tried to crawl out the door into another room that happened to be a distorted and dark version of the kitchen/dining room from my childhood home... I didn't get very far traversing through the many large objects that were strewn about since Peach (whom of which I was apparently trying to avoid) caught me and carried me back to the room I was in before.

At some point during the start of my dream, my brain decided that I looked like and indeed WAS Mario to myself, but everyone else just saw a dog.

Instead of trying to go through the door again, I decided to crawl out one of the windows. I found myself in a somewhat quiet but active city... it was around 7-8:00 at night and lightly snowing. The scene was at a fixed angle when I was crawling along the snow-covered sidewalk next to a strip-style building on the left side of a road. It was up high, but It wasn't quite bird's-eye view since it was asymmetrical and you could still see people's bodies and the windows on the buildings relatively well. After a few minutes of going along the sidewalk and occasionally passing people, Mario collapsed and died from hypothermia. I uh.. I think I started laughing the moment I woke up from that one
Did you know that we have biologically re-programmed your body to only process JIF PEANUT butter? That's right! If you don't cram our nutritiously creamy SHLOP down your throat on a regular basis, you'll die!
Japanese Comment E


『イタリア系アメリカ人』 Italian American
【系】けい_lit. System; lineage; group.

  Examples: Windows系OS (Windows OS system)

  (She is of American parentage.)

  This still confuses me a little bit..
  Italian of American parentage/group maybe?
   Windows of OS group?

『なのに』 Conjunction- And yet, despite this, "But"

  Not very much to observe here.

『純和風』じゅんわふう_Traditionally/Purely Japanese style
【純】ジュン_Genuine, pure

【和】ワ_ Harmony, Japanese style
 There are a lot of readings for this one, but the On reading ”わ”is the one with this meaning.

"Captain, we--" "It is your home world. The ancient septic system in New York City is experiencing a major overflow. The first in 2 centuries... they want us to keep it from "backing up" into the city's orphanage."

-Picard pauses and thinks with a furrowed brow-

"Set course for-"


"Locked on to all non-living organic matter within the specified area, sir."

"Beam it aboard"

-Massive pile of shit energizes onto the transporter pad. Picard turns into Kirk and stares down the shit with a look of contemplative concern, hand on chin.-
True Rot
Hear, understand. A speak. Hear speak, understand. Have a tea. smile warm. See a scissor. Reminisce. Thought a scissor, a paper. A good of cut. too weak a finger. Cut on finger. Finger loss. regret. A cry, tear stream. Many a time ago. A see, a hear. Say why? Cut on finger? Never know. Finger gone. Now short. A past. Hear. A understand? No. Glint eye.
I once went to see a movie... I very badly needed to piss, so I ended up having to leave the theatre midway to leak into the public cans. I felt great relief as I had been keeping it contained for a great while.. and to finish off such an uplifting experience-- put the icing on the cake, so to speak-- I reached for the handle...

In that moment, my heart dropped. There was no handle. "No worries!", I told myself. If I just stand up and leave the stall, I thought, the sensor would detect it and finish the job for me! So I stepped out.

There was no flush. No trickle. No sound at all except the pounding of my own heart. I closed the stall door in hopes that such a gesture would communicate to the sensor that my business was done. Nothing. The movie I was watching was still running, and despite it being one of questionable quality.. I had to get back! The only thing this toilet wouldn't be failing to flush would be my money! I decided that I must leave it. The yellow mellowed.

"Please, captain. Not in front of the Klingons."
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« Reply #9 on: July 13, 2023 @991.24 »

I have Joplin on my computer (and phone, now) for taking Markdown notes, and I quite like it. It's where I put most things I need to think about or remember, including these wildly rambly & pretentious mixed-journal-and-poetry notes I was keeping daily for a while but have fallen off of lately:

- Queer Time
   - https://time.com/6285046/getting-ahead-ambition-myth-essay/
   - The idea of time as a resource for productivity is protestant, and not innate or natural.
   - Life milestones and timelines are a sort of hegemony. The feeling of "falling behind" is
   - This article, specifically, is talking about "ambition", which is not a word I think about a lot. It's tying the idea that there must be something productive for you to do next, that if one area of your life is behind then you had best compesate for it in others.
   - Aspirational, ambitious norms about timelines and "what success looks like" engender a feeling of constant falling behind that make people feel like they must always be working to justify their existence which falls short of peak productivity.
- Compression of Ideas
   - Choosing a theme, even arbitrarily, is one way of carving off enough stuff to hold it all together and condense it down.
   - "I want to distill myself like poets do" (can I use that as an epigraph?)
 - Relationships, Distance, Platforms
     - Unpoetic Justice's videos on idubbz' apology and the illuminaughti scandal
     - People who aren't in front of you feel less real, less pressing. The bias in who's likely to be around you as an equal or inner circle member is a reinforcing force of inequality.
     - Active vs passive bigotry, the room for close contact without an enforced boundary to change the latter's mind, sometimes, and also the fragility of unexamined positions.
     - The ways that we're often policing very minor ways of being and enforcing ever-deeper levels of performance from our public entertainers in the name of pursuing reality. Turning the personal into professional and even commodity, wanting a totally convincing 24/7 display of real relationships for the cameras with all the emotional and bodily control that entails.
     - To half-assed art?
     - God I'm still mad about the wording of the fucking pay for critique online-only press's diversity statement right alongside several emphases on grammatical correctness as if there's a singular English grammar or rules in poetry.


I hold these words in my mouth,
Little serifs spilling out
Even as I try to slip in
Just one more preposition.
They dissolve slowly,

* * *
Last night, a girl said into the mic
That John Green said
*We're here
Because we're here
Because we're here*,
And I know that's only fourthhand.

* * *
There's another you lurking in the door frame,
One that only wants to play jazz.
One that doesn't know this hunger in your belly
Driving you past the threshold
To your own small and musical doom
* * *
I've got out the tools that
Etch, and magnify, and pierce
So the light might pass through
The translated essence of the thing.
This one's full of horses,
And they keep jostling my long, slender tongs.
If you stab a horse, even
One this small,
The blood that comes out
Isn't a horse at all.
It doesn't know where it came from,
Even the adrenaline, doesn't know
What it *felt like* to *ride*.
I think you have to feed it,
To grow this uncrystalline moment up,
And even then,
The light only knows a whole horse
At its edges.

But the real wild stuff still ends up in my Color Note on Android, even after downloading Joplin which will so kindly sync across all of my devices. Easier to open and just start typing.

I like the trend of posting them without context. ;)

Danger: 3
The most expensive things I own:
- Ice vest ($300)
- Air mattress ($400)
- Flat pack furniture ($75 x 5)
- Instant pot ($100)
- Stand mixer ($250)
- Mattress ($300)
- Yarn ($2500)
- Sewing machine ($250)
- Computers ($1000 + 400 + 500)
- Clothes ($2000)
- Shoes ($1000)
- Bike ($400)
SI unit of counting is moles?? Moles is counting! Although we don't normally literally count the number of e.g. molecules--we derive it from mass and knowledge of purity or electrical charge etc. So we do have to somehow categorize the atoms, or calculate the percentage of each type of atom in a mass. This requires measurement of properties, a barrier from the chemistry of the outside world, and pre-existing knowledge of the characteristics of each class of atom or molecule. The classes are very strictly defined.

Elements *are* very homogeneous classes of atoms, and atoms are pretty different from other things that exist at that scale, although we don't necessarily know exactly how many neutrons are in a given mass if it, say, varies from the normal isotopic distribution for some reason.

This is usually totally fine because we're looking at massive scale--we don't need to count or classify individual molecules when we have a solid underlying understanding of the classes and their properties and are estimating at scale.

A deep dive into counting in chemistry.

Subjective as vaguely synonymous with human-scale?

Is there controversy about mole as an SI unit?

Would an agent thinking at a different scale from us invent a different math? would human agents be a more tractable counting problem from the outside or would the conclusions inevitably be useless at human scale? I suppose there are a lot of geological phenomena that are chaotic enough as to be hard to predict or model even if we can mostly understand the processes.

What is the size role that ethics plays in the human scale problem? How much should we be maybe adjusting our scientific ethics elsewhere to be less destructive?
Tiina Vaino
Pauliina Turakka Purhonen
Tuija Lampinen watering the flowers

Sean Borodale

There are also a buuuuunch of poems in both, in various stages of completion. Here's a little something silly on that front.

**Title:** Lines I Have Taken Out of Better Poems, or, The Snark Graveyard
**Category:** Poetry
**Date Started:** 16/11/2020 02:06
Because I have a terrible habit of ending first drafts with needlessly definitive or smartass couplets
* * *
Maybe drills don't exist.

Time and time again,
Miss Manners tells me--
"Don't talk with your mouth full;
Always start with a thesis statement."

If you cannot make your own,
Phoning it in is fine.

I did not want
To write today
And Yet.
May be good at math,
But I've always been bad
With numbers.

There's an alchemy to wine,
An unpredictable spirit--
Two kinds, actually.
Two streams--

The correct answer
It turns out
Is yes.

Because Daniel was already taken.
Kyle still had a vacancy.
That is to say, the things a body can't absorb
Won't let me rest,
Settle into the crook of my legs,
And pretend
It will be okay.

When it finally punctures my lung
I say things that are true
And mean them kindly.

A cloacal ear canal.
Made of amber memories.
The distance of time has leeched all the color out
I imagine him,
A single raindrop tear
Falling from the headlight,
Driving himself off
Into the sunset
On the beautiful mountain roads
Between here
And Baltimore.

People ask me, sometimes,
Why I left the church.
I'm never sure how to answer.
Because it's not the question, so much--
How long can I live off of that before
I'm an empty shell that's never been touched?
The April showers end
Every year. Will they wash too much of you away
Will you cry out to stop
Your own extinction?

I would like, for just once in my life,
To be merely *whelmed*.
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What good is Heaven if we dare not storm it?

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« Reply #10 on: July 14, 2023 @985.67 »

I don't actually use my phone's notes app.

If I'm at home I usually have a laptop handy, so my "notes app" is usually just the *scratch* buffer in GNU Emacs. If I need to keep a note long-term, I'll save it to a file and put it under version control with Git.

If I'm away from home, my wallet is actually a passport-sized Traveller's Notebook with some inserts that make it suitable for carrying money and cards. I also carry a cheap fountain pen with me, so if I need to jot something down I just do it.

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« Reply #11 on: July 15, 2023 @153.55 »

"The trick is not to know the answers. It's to understand the questions."

A quote from some 70s TV show that my dad repeated to me

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take my memories of her with u

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« Reply #12 on: July 25, 2023 @384.14 »

i use different notes apps for different things. quick temporary things, like a link to look at on my computer or an appointment date i need to add to my calendar, is sent to a discord server with only me cause i always have that up and i delete it afterwards. permanent stuff is on notion. i've used google keep and the listography website in the past but since going to notion and discord i like rarely use them except to look up my previous notes.

incoming mail
retiring lego i want
asap wishlist for games
what subscriptions i have currently/prices/when they charge
my recipes/shopping list/pantry/couponing info
stuff to add to my different sites like coding
oc info
my astro chart
lower waste lifestyle info like swaps i can do and things to research

times pocket camp resets
quick info abt my boyfriend like special dates and astro stuff
theories for taylor swift's midnights before it came out
shopping lists for lipstick/dvds
quotes i like
media to check out like shows
names i like and nicknames for either sims/ocs/pseudonymss

favorites for pokemon/movies etc.
different myspace esque survey bulletins
calendar for fictional character birthdays
random facts i can use for two truths and a lie that sound like lies  :evil:

makeup and stickers and ponies and myspace.com! :ozwomp:

:4u: digital pet hoard
:pc: wanna be pen pals?
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« Reply #13 on: July 25, 2023 @496.68 »

I have soo many notes, too many to imclude here. also a lot of my old ones got lost with the lost of my old phone because I forgot to back them up :( things I have in there: 

eulogy for my last phone, written using my new phone.

:0> (pigeon emoticon with cere)

one of them just says "sculpture of akhenaten, Augustus of primaporta"

weird random vents

link to a discord server

full essay about a random rarepair for my beloved tiny (and only) fandom that I am in.

various people email addresses/other contact info

one of them says:

Howls moving castle
Iron giant?
Spy kids
The house?
Deathbed the bed that eats"

list of every species of pigeon!

lots of poetry.

transcript of a psa about prion disease that I watched in a dream I had one time


"you can't gronk the grank" written way too many times.

a list of fanfic ideas:

Life during wartime chapter 2

Eat you alive chapter 3

Kings space murder part 2

Creetpatoly angeleyes


Flonatoly bikes

The argument fic flonatoly part and freddie part? These could be separate

fred/flo/walt pigeon feeding

fred/flo/walt  opera game

fred/flo/walt florence gets to yell at the other 2

Walter pigeons part 2

Mobius loop continuation (not sure who to go with next though)

More werewalter???

Canoe slalom (fred/flo/walt again??? Freddie & svetlana??)

freddie/walter/nikolai (escape room??)

Chess dimension?

Chess + cats???

fred/flo/walt crocheting?

Space worms spacechess

Boris Ivanovitch part 3

Chess championship of 1978 part 1

Computer chess

Florence reunites with her father

Flonatoly cats (animal)

Kings unfinished story

fred/flo/walt <3 Expo 86???

Robot chess players thankyou maya -florences turn!

Broadway freddie post canon happy

Broadway pity the child aftermath

Created time loop

Escape from time loop

Kings mirror people

Escape from time loop this time there’s MURDER!!!! Yay!

Freddie time jail

Freddie hears argument upstairs.

The rats in the labyrinth

Freddie robot bet

Einsteins dreams

Flo + father safe and can see the future

Freddie hotel paranoia

Freddie headcannon dump

Those three bicycle

and a lot more!! :>

pigeons will save the world!!!
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