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Author Topic: Where do you work/focus the best?  (Read 373 times)
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« on: July 15, 2023 @821.52 »

I am curious where you go to focus, or what you have to do to make sure you can work well! No matter if your actual job, studying, or a hobby thing.

I am always admiring people who go to cafés or the library to work on stuff. It seems like a great way to people watch, get inspired, and not feel entirely alone while still getting some work done.
To be honest, the kinda cafés I would do this with, as well as student libraries, have always been far away enough to not justify this for me, but maybe one day? I also assume I would feel a little awkward about it, sitting there with my laptop, people can see it, I may have to see if there is a sensible outlet to plug into and good enough WiFi, I'd be a bit concerned if I am overstaying my welcome (though honestly, I looove love love getting beverages as a little treat so..).

Since I always had to make do with that, I work best at home - no matter if it's my office job, studying, or hobbies. I know lots of people who can't, because all the distractions are there. Totally understandable. But I hate having to mask (as in, masking autism symptoms, appearing neurotypical) and be constantly aware that I am being perceived by others, so that would take away from my focus. I really don't do well with people being anywhere near me while I do anything on my laptop.

Other than that, I love to make myself a hot beverage or two, a little snack, and put on my headset. I like the isolating, cozy sensation of having my ears covered. Then I put on a rain sound playlist, a white noise playlist or some binaural beats playlist and go ahead. Sometimes also some lofi music. If I feel lonely, I usually ask to co-work quietly in a Discord voice channel or group chat with others.

Sadly, my best time to focus is like 10pm to 4am, which is incompatible with almost anything in this life :grin: so I resort to like 6pm to 10pm for my hobbies or studying.

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« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2023 @878.91 »

I once wrote a novel while taking my lunch breaks at a pizza parlor a couple of blocks away from the office. I'd get a slice and belt out 500-1500 words a day. The place didn't have wifi, and I'd leave my phone in the car so that nobody could call or text me.

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« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2023 @966.99 »

I focus best at my house. I need privacy to focus. silence, too, ideally, but my house is weird and i can hear like every noise my neighbours make, even if they try to be quiet, so i guess I can't have everything. but idk if I try to work on things in a public place I get distracted and overwhelmed by all the people around me.

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« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2023 @0.69 »

It really depends on the work I'm doing!

If its very technical focused work then being in a library or a co-office really helps; for example when I was switching TamaNOTchi over to a new e-mail system; that was pretty boring programming work that involved following the documentation and fitting it into existing code. Having a quite focused space around me where I felt pressured to just do the work helped get that done.

On the flip side to that; that pressure is really bad for creative projects; If Im messing around with a fun site; I often like to be at home, with a laptop close to me. That way I can try out silly things and not feel embarrassed or judged if it doesn't work out.

As for actually having ideas; showers, walks, trips away from home or just standing up making tea; anything that gets me out of my workspace and forces me to think. I often just wander around those house listening to music while Im coming up with new ideas.

I also like to be able to lay down and close my eyes for a few minutes when Im working on projects; I find that acts as a reset and helps clear my plate and notice any fears or stresses or worries Im having about something. So being at home tends to provide this opportunity.

Finally, if I need to make a decision like purchasing something, or sending a difficult e-mail etc. I like to go to a cafe to make the final call; it gets me out of my head space and lets me have a wider perspective.

my best time to focus is like 10pm to 4am
Ohhh Im totally the same :drat: As soon as 11pm roles around suddenly I'm like YES I WANTY TO DO EVERYTHING NOW!
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« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2023 @28.13 »

In my house, late at night, playing some loud, fast, and bass boosted music. Like nightcore, or hardcore, or phonk... The kind of music that has little to no lyrics and is noisy enough to keep me focused whilst also not distracting me! I absolutely cannot focus to music with lyrics or classic tracks! I wonder why...

Typically, I have to be doing two things at once to be able to fully focus too. I can't just sit and do one thing, I have to be constantly switching between activities otherwise I get exhausted suuuper fast. Again, no idea why!
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« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2023 @315.16 »

The interface of your computer has to be a second home as well. And one thing, I don't want to have in my home are pop-ups. Consider buzzing flies as a pop-up, and the automatic spell-check underlining as well. A no-go for my working environment.

I always work best on the machine, that I know best, the allmighty Windows 98 computer. Carrying that big block around would be too impractical, so no other options than to use it at my desk exist.

Well, night time undeniably has its appeal... however if you want to work consistent in the long-term, I found out for myself, that it's more important to shift that a couple of hours forward and go with the sun. After 22:00 (10 pm), I fall apart quite abruptly, and I think it was a good decision to give room for this need of sleep instead of keeping going. One or two exceptions are done per year, when the fire is on.
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« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2023 @927.72 »

the only place i can really focus is either at my desk in my bedroom in front of my computer or whatever art project i'm working on, or possibly in a cafe if the conditions are right but a library is much preferred. the library in the morning or during the day during the week is really empty so i can get a lot done. i feel less likely to fool around on other sites or my phone if i'm in public i think. as for something like reading a book, that i need to be out in nature to do a lot of honestly. lately i haven't felt super motivated to leave the apartment because it's so hot where i live but when it cools down i plan to go to the park more to read. there's one nearby and i like to leave my phone at home for an hour or two while i read outside. but it's hard to do that when its 100 degrees F XD

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« Reply #7 on: July 20, 2023 @953.03 »

I also assume I would feel a little awkward about it, sitting there with my laptop ... I'd be a bit concerned if I am overstaying my welcome (though honestly, I looove love love getting beverages as a little treat so..).

No! Don't feel that way. Not to sound all "Manic Pixie," but I used to be a barista at a café and I loved watching patrons do their work, especially if I could tell they were working on something creative. :smile: I enjoyed daydreaming about what their passions might be.

One of the patrons at my café would work on (what I later found out was) his novel. Somehow, I could tell he was a writer... We fell in love. :loved:

When someone's focused, you can tell - it's inspiring.

I once wrote a novel while taking my lunch breaks at a pizza parlor a couple of blocks away from the office. I'd get a slice and belt out 500-1500 words a day.

So cool :smile: Being creative feels so freeing, & even rebellious

As for me,  seconding Melon, it depends on what I'm doing.

I'm a writer, as a hobby and an income. It's helpful to work on boring, technical projects at a library, where I'm locked-in and less prone to taking breaks because I'm there for a specific purpose. I wish I could focus better at home, but I just feel too comfortable, and I rarely feel passionate about my assignments.

As for creative writing, inspiration strikes at any and all times! If I get a good idea I have to write it down right away no matter where I am, whether it's on my phone or on Notepad.exe or a piece of paper. I think that I can write poems anywhere if I'm called to. Revising is easiest when done at home though.

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