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April 18, 2024 - @917.99 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: NEW BOOK: the people of paper by salvador plascencia  (Read 142 times)
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« on: January 07, 2024 @231.16 »

also i'm sorry if the writing is a bit off for this one, i didn't take my adhd medication today (there's a shortage  :sad: ) and i'm feeling a bit funky!

A NEW BOOK JUST CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:

please give a warm welcome to YET ANOTHER piece of ergodic literature....


(also i've been signing the books ive been getting lol)

So what makes this book different from the others??

Well, for starters, the plot is very interesting! The prologue follows a man named Antonio. One day, his cat, Figgaro, was killed by a butcher. (just as a heads up, the book does get a bit graphic at this bit.) He buys the cat back, and replaces all of its missing bits with replicas made of origami. This works, and Figgaro is alive again!!

Eventually, Antonio uses these abilities to create an entire person with paper. This, shockingly, ends up working as well!

So as we can already see, this world differs from ours in many ways.
  • butchers kill cats
  • butchers SELL dead cats
  • living things can be brought back to life with origami
  • living things can be CREATED with paper

And that's just the plot! The book is formatted in a very odd way as well!

The prologue is written in a "normal" format. Here's a picture.

But as soon as we get past the prologue...

...The book starts to be written in these strange columns!!

Each column represents a different point of view. This means that the word "I" changes definition for every column! Wanna know what else is interesting? This huge black box covering an entire column of text!

WOWZA  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:  :ozwomp:

This is what I'm up to so far. That's right! Only chapter 2! And I'm sure it's gonna get a hell of a lot weirder!

Also: I'm still reading S., don't worry!
Also also: I'm still waiting for my copy of House of Leaves to arrive. Hopefully it comes soon!

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