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May 28, 2024 - @987.05 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: anyone here heard of "unholy bosses"?  (Read 199 times)
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« on: January 09, 2024 @696.83 »

so a few years ago i was playing mm8bdm, a megaman themed huge doom wad
it had many online servers as well, mostly running a variation of the classes mod, which makes the game into a hero shooter but with 100+ characters

some were running a saxton hale mod, self explanatory for anyone who's played tf2, you fight this big boss guy as a team, yadda yadda, it even had many tf2 memes on itself

but the one that caught my attention was unholy bosses, which was like the latter except WAY more chaotic and made entirely of esoteric injokes

at first i was like "wtf" trying to merely process what's going on on the screen and then it just kept hitting me like a 5 gum ad

(some flashing and loudness in video probably? i havent watched it full)

the video doesn't do it full justice, it has to be experienced in person

it felt like when scientists discovered coelacanth was not extinct, it's like a time capsule to a time and place you never knew existed, so familiar yet so foreign

its vibes are what i can best describe as "2013-2014 but in places that were already behind in time to the rest of the internet". it's so -core of whatever the deal was with the overlap of the communities of touhou, tf2 and smw hacking in early 10s. it's like drawception, my home site, a forum well past the age of forums, that developed and kept its own culture while the rest of the internet was burning in the election season, its offshoot communties still alive to this day. it's like if you forced raocow into an all nighter and then gave him cocaine. it's like the basques. it's like what later became mlg humor but before it got popular and many other utterly incomprehensible descriptions my 1:21 AM ass can give it


ano, ja jsem on
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