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April 14, 2024 - @785.81 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: Webcomics!  (Read 1310 times)
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« on: December 30, 2022 @494.07 »


There's a bunch of webcomics I've enjoyed in the past few years, and I'm curious to see if people here have any recommendations. What have the people of the Melonland Forum been reading? Are you keeping up with any, or do you remember enjoying one a long while ago? I'll start:

Currently the one I keep up the most with, the art starts out pretty rough but quickly gets better. Gunnerkrigg Court has incredible worldbuilding and fun characters, so I definitely recommend this one!

Cool world, cooler art, coolest fights! Go read it!

Four kids play a game, that's really all there is to say on the matter. For real though, everyone on the internet should be at least vaguely familiar with Homestuck by now, and if you aren't: GO CHECK IT OUT (I've linked the Unofficial Homestuck Collection because at this point in time it's the superior way to read it since the official site has bugs all over. Plus it has extras!)

If anyone here has already read these, feel free to share your thoughts!

* John_Egbert2.png (1.02 kB, 152x226 - viewed 378 times.)

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« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2022 @915.56 »

I was in high school during what I consider to be the golden age of webcomics. There are still a lot today, but most only get posted on social media and follow a meme-friendly format.

The first webcomic I ever read was Angst Technology. I only came across it because there was a short storyline about the game Dungeon Siege, which I was big into at the time. Before that, I didn't know webcomics were a thing. The comic is no longer ongoing, but the author has thankfully kept an archive on his new(er) website (also no longer updated). It's nice to revisit it every once in a while.

I got really into webcomics after that and had dozens of sites bookmarked. Most of them are long dead, and some only exist as stubs on wikis like No 4th Wall To Break, Comet 7 and F@nboy$. Looking For Group still has a website that has been recently updated, but the archive appears to be dead.

A few others that I can think of that still have an archive up are A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible, Men In Hats, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life and 8-bit Theater. Action Figure Graveyard still exists on DeviantArt, but the original website was taken down for exceeding the bandwidth limits of their host. Gone With the Blastwave occasionally comes back to life for a single page and then dies again.

I also used to read MegaTokyo, which is still ongoing, but I stopped reading it after the co-creator left because it turned into too much of a sappy self-insert drama. I'm pretty sure it will outlive us all, though.

The ones I still read regularly are Penny Arcade, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Awkward Zombie, Cyanide and Happiness and The Perry Bible Fellowship.

I also tried my hand at making a few of my own webcomics, none of which are still around though.

Edit: I keep thinking of more, and some of them are still around, so I'll add them as I think of them.

Sam and Fuzzy
Dr. McNinja
Hark! A Vagrant
Chainsaw Suit and Checkerboard Nightmare
Nedroid Picture Diary
Little Saiyalings
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Three Panel Soul and Mac Hall
Little Gamers
Chopping Block

Keep in mind I haven't read any of these in, like, a decade, so I can't vouch for the content. Some of them may be nsfw or offensive.
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« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2023 @241.57 »

A few that I like...

* xkcd

Nerdy humour

* Strange Planet

Amusing dialogues about aliens adapting to human life

* Yumi's Cells

A little K-drama in comic form

* Extra Ordinary

Fun and silly

* Wayrift

A FFIV-inspired comic by a fellow Neocitizen

* Achewood [Content Warning]

Makes me think of an Adult Swim cartoon or something

* Lackadaisy

Beautiful art of cat people in the 1920s

* Elan School [Content Warning]

An autobiographical? comic about a "school" known for abuse

...More later.
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« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2023 @963.62 »

I was really into webcomics in high school, but I could never get very far in Homestuck, and that did negatively affect my social life (being left out of conversations because "you wouldn't get it! It's a Homestuck reference!":wink:. :omg:k:

I actually just started trying to read it again, we'll see if I get past the part where he gets unstuck from his home. 

I used to really enjoy A Softer World and Daisy Owl. Remember Daisy Owl? I miss that one. 

Right now I'm keeping up with Gunnerkrigg Court and Wilde Life, and checking Dumbing of Age updates out of force of habit (though the current Joyce storyline kind of makes me cringe). :evil:


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« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2023 @232.47 »

i love webcomics very much, i have a million bookmarked but i'll be nice and only link the ones i keep up with/re-read often. in no particular order.

Nature Of Nature's Art
hard for me to summarize this one. from the site: "And as the capable hands of homo sapiens sapiens wring the secrets from the clutches of the natural world, another force stirs. Something primal, something powerful. A civilization in labor, bristling with the adolescent humanity of those outside the scope of history. Those who are not yet privy to the title "man", and brandish it anyway: the animals.

What anomaly expedites their headlong rush into sapience? And what web does it reticulate from the nature of their art?"

Been keeping up with this one since the first arc 10%+ (which remains my favorite). Several completed stories so far, with a new one underway. I am often not smart enough to understand the symbolism and convoluted philosophy-speak but i still manage to enjoy it.

Serenity Rose
completed story. fantasy about a goth witch girl overcoming her inability to do things and then doing some other difficult things. i found it in recent years and it made me feel such nostalgia even though i have no history with it. i think its because it really nails that early 2000s goth feel.

ongoing. from the site: "Brainchild is a story about paranormal phenomena, bad first impressions, wide-scale conspiracies, a whole bunch of mutants, and everything else your senior year of college can possibly throw at you." very sporadic updates.

Fantasy about a wombat taking a wrong turn and ending up farm from home. completed story. as i understand it was written on the fly, which is pretty neat.

Drop Out
Heed the content warnings at the top. Completed story. Two girlfriends on a road trip. Very meaningful, impactful story.

Fresh Meat
Same author as Drop Out, once again see the content warnings at the top. Completed story. A teen struggling with depression is institutionalized. Again a great, impactful story.

A Doemain of Our Own
Completed, as much as a diary/slice of life comic can be. Extremely classic furry comic (first pages were posted in 1999  :omg:). The style is like newspaper gag-a-day. Very charming and cute.

Completed story. From the site: "Vattu is an award-winning anthropological epic about empire and identity. It follows a girl from a nomadic culture caught in the midst of a clash of cultures."
i love his art style, the lines are so lush.

3rd Voice
ongoing, quite new. same author as Vattu. from the site: "It concerns an invented world in a state of apocalyptic crisis, and the precarious lives of many people therein."

What Happens Next
ongoing. first page of chapters have appropriate content warnings. Milo was an accomplice to murder in his youth, we see how he tries to live the rest of his life and we also see how this has affected family members of the victim. Extremely nuanced characters, very refreshing. Captures the essence of various internet subcultures very well.

Mare Internum
completed. Please be sure to check out the about page for content warnings. from the site: "Mare Internum is an award-winning online science fiction graphic novel about the isolated inhabitants of the planet Mars, and the ability of life to persist through darkness."

well, thats it for now. Always on the search for new webcomics to read.

« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2023 @572.18 »

I don't have a large list as most of the webcomics I used to read as I've either completely forgotten the name of (oops) but I humbly offer you this:

Squidi.net, home of A Modest Destiny.

This was the first webcomic I think I ever stumbled upon on my own and it's part of what got me into pixel art RPGs, honestly. I'd say it has a very... Disenchantment vibe about it, for lack of a better way to describe it. There's a couple jokes that didn't age super great but on the whole it's totally my sense of humor.

Unfortunately the author never really finished anything they started there but I'd say it's totally worth a look if that sort of thing's your jam as well.
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« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2023 @398.91 »

i don't read too many webcomics but i'm keeping up with these ones
EcopportunityX is an interactive horror comic with a grayscale color palette about a unnamed gray child escaping a facility. [contains blood, gore (of stick figure characters), body horror, and eyestrainingly bright colors]
another piece of candy a series of oneshot comic strips containing the author's characters from their games with a very cute artstyle.
Way Out A Pokemon fancomic where cynthia gets sent back in time to the hisui region.
Their Own Devices a goofy ms paint comic where two humans and an android live together and do things like murder (mostly murder). [contains blood and gore]
Black Sheep a furry horror comic about a mysterious town. [contains blood and a bit of obscured gore]
Broodhollow a horror webcomic set in the town of broodhollow where the protagonist both has to get used to life there and deal with the odd stuff going on with the help of a few friends he makes. [contains blood, body horror and some gore]
i get a lot of my comic recommendations from someone who likes horror

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« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2023 @662.69 »

I dont think anyones said this one yet, so I recommend Lamezone. Its a whole world of comics by Cate Wurtz from circa 2013-now, iirc. Ive read most of them, and im reading Crow Cillers now, so i totally recommend :D

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« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2023 @983.66 »

I recommend Bicycle boy  :cheesy:  ! it's a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure comic by jackarais! it's my fav webcomic ever! i love it soo much! it's still going (and has been for the last 10 years) ^_^

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« Reply #9 on: January 21, 2024 @520.19 »

Webcomics! I'm only a few months into trying to read them, but I've compiled a list of comics and webcomics, as well as resources on my website.
Highlights include:
Cato's Apprenticeship, on indefinite haitus but well worth it. The creator has periodic crises of artstyle, leading to a comic which jumps across so many looks and feels you can really feel the effort and artistic development behind it. It's about a boy who lives on a spaceship and struggles with his brain not working the way everyone wants it to, getting caught up in a wider conspiracy.
Inhibit, ongoing, about a kid coming up to his 18th birthday, trying to keep in line with his temperamental powers as his future is decided, but getting caught up in a wider conspiracy (always the way). I believe Inhibit is set in ambiguously-Scotland. The author, Eve G., is the founder of Quindrie Press, an indie press based in Edinburgh. Their fiance is the author of...
Recoil, on haitus. The similar premises of these ones is how the creators met, but don't be fooled, they each take their premises in very different directions! Recoil is I think set in ambiguously-Chicago. It features Kalo, a kid living in a facility for those with superpowers, traumatised by the events surrounding his powers' first awakening. Little does he know, it can only get worse...

Those are the big ones in my mind, this has taken far too long to type. Check the page for a wider selection of comics, and some links to webrings and collectives!

Clear Skies!
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« Reply #10 on: February 17, 2024 @25.96 »

i don't have a whole lot, but one i really enjoy is soil that binds us! it's on hiatus right now but it should come off hiatus pretty soon  :grin: it's a comic about ghosts and mediums on the run and the art is absolutely gorgeous

EDIT: not sure if they really count as webcomics but two for-purchase comics ive enjoyed quite a bit are signals by crvptozoology and pandorica radio by spooksier, both on itch.io! they're both horror comics that are (at least somewhat) about radio stations but they're both fantastic in their own right. pandorica radio only has part one out so far.

(i think i'm realising i have a very specific niche of media i enjoy. or maybe it's just the artists i follow? either way.)
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