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Author Topic: Muppets  (Read 947 times)
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« on: January 31, 2023 @591.37 »

One of my all-time favorite interests is anything to do with puppets, so I was wonder what is your guys' favorite muppet? Or just puppet in general, it can be from any media! Tell me what makes them so loveable too so I can keep it in my notes :cheesy: :cheesy:
I want to make a very loveable puppet

For me, personally, the muppet (yes, he counts as one) that belongs to my heart is ELMO!! He is bright red and fluffy, he has very funny faces and he is just very visually appealing to the eye :smile:
I think him with animals make such a lovely pair, like when he takes care of his goldfish or a muppet-puppy, its very charming and heart-warming to see

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« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2023 @628.99 »

Will you accept Pilot from Farscape? I love the alien creature designs on the show, and Pilot is the one character who is just a nice guy through the whole series.

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« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2023 @140.36 »

I liked big bird when I was little! I had a HUGE (by little kid standards) puppet of him that was bigger than me - I gotta admit though when I see clips of him now I find him a bit annoying, but its still cool that hes a big yellow bird!

This is a very weird interview

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« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2023 @164.33 »

my favorite muppet is a group of them: Rizzo + the rats on vacation in Muppet Treasure Island (1996)

there's a concurrent plot in the background of the movie where Rizzo has set up a tour group of rats. these rats are in background taking photos and snorkeling in many scenes while drama is happening on the ship and on the island. 

:ha: here's a mashup i found with all of their scenes:


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« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2023 @774.14 »

I love a whistle with muppet eyes, does that count?  :grin:

Okay, now for real! Haven't got the chance to acquainte myself with the Muppets themselves (aside from the endless Kermit memes), but I like Miss Piggy's design. She looks very soft and her eyes are very dainty.

From Sesame Street, I like Big Bird too! And Zoe. I remember a scene where she was there, showing a sticker album to Ernie, or maybe it was the other way round?

Love how she's got little clip-ons on her fur, and bead bracelets! Overall a very loveable one.

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« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2023 @390.67 »

Oh My Goodness!!!! I love puppets and muppets too!! I was super into the Muppets or anything Jim Henson related back in 2021, and whilst I'm not super into them now, my love for them is still there!!!!! :transport:

I think my all time favorite muppet would have to be Crazy Harry. I don't have any specific reason why. Never been able to pinpoint what exactly about this guy is so endearing to me. My best guess is his design and his funny shenanigans, but that's all really. He's a fairly lighthearted and wild muppet that loves pyrotechnics! What's not to love? I used to surf the web trying to find any piece of media related to him. Watched a whole lot of youtube videos just to catch a glimpse of him. I love all (and when I say all I do mean ALL) of his appearances in any muppet related media but I love his little performance with Jean Stapleton (here it is if you want to see it for yourself) :happy:

Another one of my favorites are Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem!!! Each individual member has a unique and charming, and once you put all that together into one band it makes such a loveable group. They might not be the most conventional band, but they're fun as hell!!!!! I could talk talk about each member individually, and I will! In short sentences!!

Dr Teeth:[/color] Whimsical and fun, definitely seems like a guy named Dr. Teeth. Such a joyous and free spirit. The way he talks is great. Sick leader for an equally sick band!

Floyd Pepper: I love his mustache and his eye sockets. The conspiracy theorist personality they gave him in the ABC reboot is a bit of a strange addition to his character, especially since he was characterized a bit more as a laid back member of the group, but I like it. Also sick bass player. His little Mr Bass Man segment with Scooter was just  :chef:

Janice: Her valley girl voice is so endearing, and just her chill, high out of her mind 24/7 attitude is pretty cool and I enjoy it. Her brief friendship with Miss Piggy in the ABC show is pretty neat too.

Zoot: He's just... always out there. And I love it. He's a killer on the sax that's for sure! He's also the funniest I thinks.

Animal: One of the more popular of the group, he's wild and a lot of people love it, me included :grin:  I love the fact that the love for his mom is a reoccuring trait despite all these years.

Lips: Fun fact (if i remember correctly that is) He got this nickname because he got his lips stuck on a trumpet all the way back in his childhood. Other than that though, I like his voice. I wish they developed his personality a bit more though, and touch upon more on his relationship and dynamic with the rest of the members.

They also make great music. Can You Picture That is a BOP. Absolute BOP. The Barnyard Boogie segment from the original show is one of my faves too I thinks. There's also live recordings of actual in real life live concerts, which is still so mind boggling to me!!!! Their personalities and dynamics really shined through the talking parts in between music and it was just. So Electric Mayhem. So fun and cool. It would be great to attend any of these.

Last but not least are The Mutations! Sort of a strange pick I know, but they're cute to me. They have a small number of appearances but they're fun. I think the segment that made me love them a lot is the "Nice Girl Like Me one" featuring Sandy Duncan, which is one of my all time favorite segments from the original show!!! (watch it here!! you won't regret it trust me)

There's sooo many more that I love like Elmo (I also absolutely ADORE him too. He's such a sweet little guy. Cute and marketable design) Uncle Deadly, Fozzy, Oscar the Grouch, Darci, the list goes on for a bit, but those are my top favorites :-D[/font]
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« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2023 @132.07 »

i love puppetry, i think it's so cool! my favorite muppets are big bird and beaker!! they're both very adorable. kermit holds a special place in my heart too. silly lil frog guy.

my fav non-muppet puppet (isn't that a fun phrase!) is GG from steam powered giraffe! she's a robot giraffe with a tiny lil body and a big head. she can talk and blink at the same time! you can see her in action in this video :D

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« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2023 @54.56 »

i love muppets and puppets so much!!! it might be a little obvious but my favourite muppet is probably kermit. i love frogs so much, and for kermit's personality, i love how responsible he is, like he looks after all of the other muppets and makes sure everything is running well and everyone is okay. he's lovely in every film i and series i see him in, and i tbh love him so much.

i also like gonzo because he is very cute and silly. and i like fozzie bear because he always tries to make everyone laugh. and i like miss piggy because she is a fashion icon! and she knows what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to go and get it.

the muppet whose appearance i like the most is Beakie, who sung a duet with Alice Cooper!

i actually have my own puppet! though she is looking a little worse for wear recently, i could do with giving her a little maintenance i think. her name is Batty because her favourite animal is a bat:

she has a hair clip with a purple star on it that broke recently, so i need to repair it. i've also been thinking about replacing her wig with something a little more dynamic  :ok:
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« Reply #8 on: December 20, 2023 @805.06 »

I didn't have a lot of Henson stuff in my childhood because my mom doesn't like most puppets, the most I had was Bear in the Big Blue House. It wasn't until I saw Defunctland's series on the Muppets that I became a fan. I'm mostly a fan of the Muppets franchise owned by Disney that revolves around Thd Muppet Show, but I love The Dark Crystal too.

My two most favorite Muppets are Miss Piggy and Uncle Deadly! I feel they're both gay icons in different ways (and headcanon Deadly as gay himself), and I love the dynamic they've had starting with the 2015 Muppets show. I also love Gonzo and Dr. Teeth. Big fan of Muppet monsters in general.

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