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Author Topic: Moderation Requests - How to deal with issues on this forum!  (Read 961 times)
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« on: January 05, 2023 @811.69 »

How to deal with issues on this forum!

Hi, this is just a quick topic I felt was necessary to create!

Im aware many of you might be coming from other internet communities which either have very strict moderation, or very little moderation - MelonLand is different. Moderation here is constant and low-key - I try my best to assess and deal with each issue and situation individually - however I cant do that without your help!

There is a "Report to moderator" button on every message and its ok to use it! I wont ban someone if you report them, but I will consider your request and try to take a fair action if any action is needed. Even if you're not sure if its a real issue, report it, my job (for better or worse) is to decide what should be on this forum :tongue:

Examples things you should report:
  • Inappropriate material that obviously breaks the rules
  • Topics that are so great they should be pinned or read by me!
  • Messages that seem rude or unkind
  • Unwelcome private messages
  • Messages you cant read because the colour or font is weird
  • Topics that don't have proper titles or descriptions, or messages that don't add to the discussion
  • Anything you feel that spoils your vibe in this community
  • Messages where someone is sharing information that might put them or others at risk
  • Mis-leading or dangerously incorrect information
  • Anything that detracts from your ability to enjoy the forum!

Things that you should not do:
  • Please don't publicly call someone out - its not fair on them or you, and it potentially puts you at risk.
  • Please don't message non moderators about moderation issues - don't be a vigilante, and don't confront or apologise to users you think you might have upset, wait for a moderation discussion to be finished and ask a moderator if its ok to contact someone about the issue.
  • Please don't ignore an issue to protect someone - things get worse if they are not addressed

Its a lot of work managing a forum, and you guys can really help me out! Just remember that reporting a message is ok, and its not a big deal - its just a way to let me know I might need to pay a little more attention to a message! :4u:
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