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April 20, 2024 - @878.63 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: MelonLand Ads/Banner System  (Read 573 times)
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« on: January 13, 2024 @774.93 »

:melon:  Community Ads/Banner System  :melon:

Above are some examples of banners I made for the ad/banner system! This is a novelty ads system that will place banner-style ads on your website! (Novelty because there is no payment involved in the ads and no data is collected whatsoever about where they display, who sees them or if they are clicked - its just for fun, to provide cool links, and to poke fun at google ads  :tongue: )

Originally I made this system for use within my own sites, but Id also like to invite people to submit banners for their sites and projects too and maybe we can make a big banner collection! (The community aspect is on hold since it doesn't seem to be very popular :S )

How to put the banners on a site?
It's, very simple you just put a bit of HTML anywhere you want banner(s) to appear and link the script! Everything else will happen automatically, a new banner will be fetched and updated every 25 seconds!

<!-- This will become a melon link banner! -->
<span class="melonLink" data-melon-link-format="400x40"></span>
<!-- This is the melonlink banner script and should go in the <head> or near the end of your page! -->
<script src="https://melonking.net/scripts/melonLinks.js"></script>
(You only need to link to the script once and it should go in your site head or at the end of the body - you can have as many melonLink elements as you want!)

At the moment only the "400x40" format works, this will display banners for melonland sites I manage, when community banners are available change this to "400x40-com" to receive community banners!

How can I submit my own banner??
Easy Just make a banner image that is 400x40 pixels in size, provide a link, and an alt text! You can post it here or PM it to me!  :cheerR:

I will accept one link per site domain. If you have particular projects/tools (like layout generators etc), games or other things you think would make a fun/useful link for people, I'll accept additional banners for those too.

You can snoop the code linked in the code snippet above to see whats happening on your site to make it work; I have also attached a copy of the server-side code if you are interested in hosting your own banner system (Please note I won't be providing help with this!)

* banners-server-module.js (2.69 kB - downloaded 15 times.)

* 400x40-template.png (2.62 kB, 400x40 - viewed 296 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2024 @563.73 »

This is great! At first I was like "OH NO ADS!!" but then I realized you've actually come up with anti-ad ads which is brilliant. I've never been a fan of javascript for various reasons but THIS is actually a fun way to use it. Well done!
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« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2024 @739.71 »

I got scared too for a second but glad to see it's just for fun ! I don't know about putting sites since there's already the Surf CLub (who is actually pretty cool !!!) but to each their own, curious to see what will show up  :eyes:
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« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2024 @942.36 »

Ooh I love this! I always enjoyed when people made these fake ads that linked to fun/personal websites! (I've been meaning to make a navlink ad + put the code on my site)

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