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April 24, 2024 - @153.17 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: I made a themable last.fm status embed thing  (Read 370 times)
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It's mine! My text! You can't have it!! Bwahaha!!!

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« on: August 11, 2023 @163.06 »

I remember seeing like, a "XYZ is listening to" embed on someone's site ages ago. Anyways I got bored and decided to make some software to do that for me. I personally run my site and stuff on a VPS with linode so I can run stuff server side but, on acct of neocities doesn't allow server-side stuff, and you'd need to expose your api key to the public, and some people don't wanna have to learn all that, and anyways my point it it's self-hostable and I run a public instance.

You can run it yourself by downloading a copy and following the README at https://git.aleteoryx.me/cgit/lfm_embed/about.

You can put it on your own page by adding
<iframe src="https://lfm.aleteoryx.me/user/<your last.fm username>"></iframe>

I'm going to add more themes in the coming weeks, but for now there's just the default "plain" one, so you don't really need to specify the theme. Like it says in the readme, add the query parameter ?dark to enable dark mode.

So that I don't end up spamming the last.fm API, there's a 1 minute cache on all users. It might miss like, OST tracks or Jack Stauber's micropop or something, but for most songs that should be plenty of time. Anyways, hope some of y'all find this useful or whatever.

PS: I personally find that setting style="height: 3.2cm; width: 10cm;" on the iframe looks the best, although if you tend to listen to longer-named songs you might wanna up the width.

PPS: There's docs for writing and testing out your own theme in the README, specifically at the bottom. If you make a cool theme I'd be happy to add it to the main project(with credit ofc).

PPPS: (wow adding a lot of these) If you end up running your own instance uhhhh lmk and I'll add a link on the README.
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