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December 09, 2023 - @506.74 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: 3Ds Discussion  (Read 446 times)
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« on: October 27, 2023 @957.04 »

This year is when I finally decided to Homebrew my 3Ds again because it had been like 5-8 years since I had last done it or even played on it. The homebrew I had previously done didn't allow me to obtain new games so I only ever used it on animal crossing new leaf because that is all I had but now with the updated homebrew I finally got to try games I had been wanting to try or I had lost and I just like talking about the 3Ds. But yeah expect random 3Ds rambling here XD

After homebrewing the 3Ds the first game I ran to get was Tomodachi Life because I had wanted to play that since I watched DanTDM play it and it did live up to my expectations but now I really want a second game because there's so much opportunity in this game for a really good/goofy sequel.  My island mostly consists of my friends and I and then a TON of random characters from fandoms I'm in and then the children of some of the random couples on my island. I also have a Pinterest board where I upload various qr codes from my island.

Maybe a month or so after homebrew I finally decided to see how to make my own custom themes because I wanted specific/niche things that Theme Plaza didn't have and it was much easier than I thought. I used this video and managed to memorize what everything does somehow and made a ton of 3Ds themes for my friend and I. I've considered uploading some of mine to theme plaza but decided not to. I have been tempted to just make a google drive folder that people could download the files from as well. I may eventually do that.

All that aside though I would love to see another system like the 3Ds. Like the switch and its portability but I liked the size of my 3Ds (an old 3Ds XL) and I like being able to close it and leave it in sleep mode. I also really enjoy the currency for walking and wish it was used in more games because it wasn't hard to obtain, especially while I was in school. Even though you could only earn 10 a day at the time I wasn't playing daily so I just had loads build up over time. I'm not sure what could be added though to compete with the design of the original 3Ds/new 3Ds systems. Maybe a better camera even though I'd probably be the only one using it. XD The graphics it could handle could be updated for better games. It would be cool if it still had the ability to connect to a TV but I feel that would be tricky without the graphics quality dropping though at the same time the switch isn't that big and looks fine. Idk what to yall think??

Some Questions I have for the 3Ds Community on here mostly for fun:

1. What was your first 3Ds game?
2. What is/are your favorite 3Ds game(s)?
3. What's some of your favorite hidden gems?
4. What's your main theme to use on your 3Ds? (Feel free to share an image too!)
5. Weirdest game(s) you've played/seen on the 3Ds?

You don't need to answer all of these/you don't need to answer any at all!  :ozwomp:

My Answers:

1. My first 3Ds game was Animal crossing new leaf. It's actually the reason my parent's got me the 3Ds plus the game for christmas. My First animal crossing game was city folk and I saw an ad for new leaf in a kids magazine and was fascinated and excited by the fact you could swim or put outside decorations like the jungle gym. I screamed when I opened it up christmas that year.

2. My favorite 3Ds game probably has to be Tomodachi Life now that I've played it. If you asked me a few years back I probably would've said New Leaf, Pokemon Moon, and/or Happy Home Designer.

3. To be honest I don't really have one unless you can't Tomodachi Life for some reason XD though there is also Pilotwings Resort which I never heard anyone talk about. It's really really simple but I love the game because it hits me with Nostalgia of the air sports island from wii sports resort. I loved flying around just for the hell of it but I haven't had the space for my wii recently.

4. Because of the Homebrew I can have it cycling through multiple themes but I have a Fl4k from Borderlands 3 one I made, one of some of my animal jam pets, a moxxi from borderlands one, and a few random others. Those are just the ones I remember right now

5. I added this question specifically because I found a weird one. It's called Pet Zombies and it's literally just taking care of a pet zombie. There isn't much to do other than a minigame where you through your zombie really hard, feed it, brush/pet it, and even discipline it?? There's also a few different toys and such your zombie and use/play with and it's just about keeping the zombie happy as it walks around it's little habitat. I only downloaded it because it looked ridiculous and it lived up to that. I do kind of like it though? XD
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2023 @206.16 »

Oh man, I just got a new charger for my new 3DS XL so I can play again and I see this thread. I wish I had thought to get a good grip all those years ago, playing stuff like Pushmo for too long is killing my hands. I have so many puzzle games on here I never finished and I desperately want to so wish me luck.

1. My first game was Nintendogs Chihuahua and Friends! I'm a huge lover of virtual pets, I have three editions of the original Nintendogs because I just couldn't have enough of them.

2. My favorite games are probably Animal Crossing New Leaf and 3D Picross. 3D Picross is really satisfying and the little wooden figures you get at the end are cute! When you're done with a set you even get a little diorama. Animal Crossing probably speaks for itself, lol.

3. Can't say I know too many hidden gems, though I feel like people didn't play Art Academy nearly enough, it's such a good learning tool!

4. I use a bunch of homebrew themes, mostly Splatoon ones. Looking at Theme Plaza though I realize I have no idea where I got them. I used to have all the official Animal Crossing themes cycling through before that.

5. Ambition of the Slimes includes a lot of, graphically loud slime vore brainwashing. It's also very difficult. I continue to be shocked Nintendo promoted the Switch port.
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« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2023 @243.78 »

Gosh.. I have great memories of when I had my 3DS! I could talk all about it for ages, as it was at one point my favourite handheld console and I spent much of my time playing on it from 2012-2016. I got my 3DS on Christmas day of 2012, and amassed a collection of about 20 games over the four years I had it. Unfortunately, my 3DS broke at the start of 2017, and I was never able to repair it and later ended up throwing it out. :c

To answer your five questions!

1. What was your first 3Ds game?
My first 3DS game was Super Mario 3D Land. A fun little Mario game that, along with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, formed as a blueprint for many of the later games in the main Mario series.

2. What is/are your favorite 3Ds game(s)?
My favourite 3DS games were, in no particular order:

- Tomodachi Life
- Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- Pushmo
- Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

3. What's some of your favorite hidden gems?
Hmm... hard for me to answer this one, as most of the games I played were not hidden gems and were rather popular. I guess Cave Story 3D would be my pick? I can't think of much else sadly.

4. What's your main theme to use on your 3Ds?
I only used the default theme. The background ambience that plays on the main menu is beautiful and I would sometimes let it play on repeat and let my mind drift off and think about things... whenever I hear it I envision the blissful memories of my life around ten years ago.

5. Weirdest game(s) you've played/seen on the 3Ds?
Also struggling to answer this question. Maybe Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. There's some weird stuff that goes on in that game and many of the in-game visuals are trippy.

While on the subject of the 3DS I remembered something; there's a 3DS Capture Card some people on YouTube use to record gameplay and upload the clips to YouTube. Many years ago I wanted to do Playthroughs of various games and wanted to get the Capture Card implemented into my 3DS but I never got around to it. It's kinda pricey.

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« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2023 @629.17 »

The 3DS (and DS by extension) to this day is still my favorite nintendo system. Don't get me wrong, I like the Switch! It has some of my favorite games on it...but the 3DS had so much charm! Thanks to things like streetpass, it felt more portable than the Switch, more interactive, more personal. I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but I do still hope the next system they introduce has more of that 3DS charm to it.

1. Kid Icarus Uprising! iirc it was one of the earlier 3DS games (in NA at least) and for an earlier game on a new system, it honestly knocked it out of the park! I only have two criticisms of it: 1. the control scheme gives me handcramps and 2. we never got a sequel. This game perfectly rebooted an old, old nintendo IP and it's a missed opportunity that they didn't run with the gem they created.

2. New Leaf, solidly! I played it regularly right up until New Horizons was released. Though I don't have as much time nowadays to play it as much, I still check up on my villagers every now and again and experiment with hacking my island.

Honorable mentions go to pokemon sun, fire emblem awakening, happy home designer and tomodachi life.

3. I mostly played popular titles, so I don't have an actual answer to this. But I will plug the LOZ: Four Swords anniversary edition. They released it digitally ages ago and I had a ton of fun playing it with my siblings. Again, not at all hidden because it's Zelda, but Four Swords certainly doesn't get as much love as it should. If you want to have a fun and chaotic time with friends and/or family, play this.

4. I own the happy home designer 3DS with the Isabelle Plates, so I usually stick to animal crossing themes for the sake of matching. I'll rotate between the my nintendo: Isabelle, acnl pattern by Mieiki and 7PM BGM by BenMMcLean.

However! In the event that I know my friends are going to play my 3DS, I'll set it to the domino's theme feat. hatsune miku to mess with them :ok:

5. Again, I've only really played popular titles so I don't really have an answer! Maybe fire emblem: fates? (specifically Conquest because that's the one I played). It's less weird in a "what the heck" way and more in a "why are the developers putting me through all of this I hate this" way. No disrespect to anyone that enjoyed it though! More power to you, I just cannot wrap my head around the series of events this game subjected me to OTL 

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« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2023 @259.79 »

The main thing I've been using my 3ds for lately is watching tv shows and movies I put on it :ozwomp: I use handbrake to convert the movies down to a size that works with the 3ds screen and I put a 256 gb sd card in it (about half and half filled with games and movies/shows)

1. What was your first 3Ds game?
  • Pilotwings: Resort, I loved the flight mode in wii sports resort and this game was everything i wanted for a good year or 2 :chef:
2. What is/are your favorite 3Ds game(s)?
  • Ocarina of Time 3d
  • 3d Outrun
  • Pilotwings: resort
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf
3. What's some of your favorite hidden gems?
  • always love cooking mama games they may not be much of a hidden gem though idk
  • not a 3ds title but a ds one: electroplankton, it was a club nintendo reward you could get and its a really cool lil music application for the ds
4. What's your main theme to use on your 3Ds? (Feel free to share an image too!)

5. Weirdest game(s) you've played/seen on the 3Ds?
  • another non-3ds game but I recently played the new grimace's birthday gameboy game on my 3ds and it was pretty fun
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« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2023 @713.48 »

I got my 3DS back in College, i would play it to stave off boredom during my downtiem, and also during that long bus journey where I would return to my hometown on the weekends, or metro rides. Got a ton of streepasses. from that too, Sdaly they seemed to all dried up as everyone just abandoned it for the switch.
And I still have several years later. I just bought a new battery so i can play it again.

But to answer your questions

1. Mario Kart 7, but also Super Mario 3D which I got for free with my purchase
2. Right Now its Fantasy Life
3. Dragon´s Lair, but that is more as a classsic, I also like attack of the Friday Monsters, Marvel Pinball and of Course Crimson Shroud that plays like  a traditional table top game
4. My theme is based Based on  Loki, you know how in the show they have these little devices that look like a 3DS? Here you go
5. Zero Escape, talk about a game with some odd plot twists

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« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2023 @123.29 »

The 3DS is one my favourite consoles ever! I got mine as either a birthday or christmas gift in 2014 and I still have it to this day! She's kind of old and her circle pad doesn't work :sad: but I still use her. I really miss streetpass it made me feel like I was connected to others. And the customization. I LOVED the 3DS customization, I'd spend hours rearranging badges and changing my themes until I was happy.
Homebrewing my 3DS made me fall in love with it all over again! I can now play so many games I couldnt before (I have bad luck trying to emulate games on my computer. They never seem to work unless they're GB/GBA/WS games). I'm currently playing through Digimon World on my 3DS and it's sooo much fun.

Anyways, the questions:

1. First one was Omega Ruby. I still have my copy and I replay it every now and then.
2. Easily Kirby Planet Robobot. I'd go on and on about how much that game means to me. But TLDR: favourite Kirby game, good OST, one day I'll beat the true arena and finally get 100%
3. Gurumin! It's soooo cute I'm surprised more people haven't hear of it?
4. This Kirby theme :smile: I love the mirror ability. This was for the Kirby copy ability poll and it has one of my favourite tracks: Marshmallow Castle

5. I'm not sure? Maybe I Love My Little Boy? For the longest time I thought that game was made up and then I saw it on Hshop

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« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2023 @744.69 »

yay for the 3ds! :dive:   it makes me happy to see love for this system, its my favorite handheld and the N3ds is an emulation beast (it can play pretty much any ps1 title if you're willing to tinker with your core settings, and there are even a handful of n64 games that it can squeeze out too)

answers to the questions:

1. joining the universal ACNL club, the only animal crossing game i've ever really played extensively.i guess animal crossing for the gamecube passed by me as a kid because i never seemed to hear anyone else talking about it; and games for the switch are too expensive, so i'd be surprised if i ever play new horizons.  plus alot of people seem to regard new leaf as the last entry to retain the charm of the early titles so i'm fine with it being my definitive animal crossing game.

2. definitely FE awakening!  pair up in fates is more tactful, but something about the pair up in awakening is really satisfying, also i love collecting the future kids.  i want to try and do lunatic+ eventually..   

3. the binding of isaac rebirth 3ds port is surprisingly good.  it's often regarded as the worst isaac port, and if youve played a lot of repentance it definitely feels pretty barebones but it's isaac on a handheld and i really dont think you can complain about that.  the crash when peep jumps is pretty egregious though.

4. this one because the music is nice and i havent gotten inspired to make something cool for myself yet

5. i was inspired to reply to this post just to plug the cod nazi zombies homebrew demake which is very unfinished and buggy but also very fun and a pretty genius interpretation of a shooter on a 1 c-stick console.  i've spent more time then id like to admit playing this
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« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2023 @275.91 »

The DS/3ds were the coolest consoles ever made!!  :chef: 
I may be a bit bias though as the DS was the first console I ever had and I still remember when my mom woke me up on my bday to give me my cool new red 3ds

1. First game I got was Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (also the first pokemon game I got :eyes: )

2. My favorite game was Tomodachi Life. Oh to live in apartment with all my friends IRL. And also a random celebrity just to really make it feel like the game lol

3. This 'hidden gem' isnt a game but I think it still counts. I used to like going to the eshop and watching as many videos as I could. Lots of cool trailers and random animations. Dinosaur Office, Baman Piderman, and this one show that was about this dolphin. I forgot the name of the dolphin show,it was weird series but fun to watch. I think the dolphin was named Mccain or something 

4. Well now that I have a modded 3ds I have plently of themes, but back when I was younger and had a regular ol' unmodded system I just had whatever was available for free. Mainly that plain blue theme.

5. Weirdest game? This weird bootleg, off-brand, "we got it at home" version of minecraft. Played horribly and I only played it because it was free and I didn't have the actual game. Can't even remember the name  :drat:

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