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April 12, 2024 - @537.99 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: What's your favourite mobile game?  (Read 4140 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 25, 2024 @679.79 »

Oh, hold on, I haven't participated in this thread yet? A travesty. When I was in middle school, my whole class (well, I exaggerate, mostly boys, but still) was obsessed with this mobile game called Gravity Defied. It's basically this very simplistic game where you're driving on a bike controlling its speed and balance, trying to complete all the different levels and not wipe out. There's multiple difficulty levels and for completing each one you get a more powerful bike (and suddenly having more horsepower entirely screws with your balance strategy lol).

Now, the thing that made it infinitely replayable was the existence of a free level creator. The amount of versions and mods out there was outstanding. And some of them were downright unbeatable, because, like, there weren't any limits or guidelines, you just drew those lines however you wanted and the only way to check if that obstacle was even passable was to launch the game on your phone and try to beat it a 100 times or so.

I distinctly remember making my own version, too. Proud to say that it was, in fact, beatable, as tested by me and my classmates whom I passed the file to. Not proud to say that, if I remember correctly, the color scheme was eye-bleeding-bright, as is the custom when you're a creative teenager in the 00s. Sad to add that there's no way to recover that file now. A pity, I'd like to see it. Betcha the level names were also highly inappropriate ('cause that's cool, right)!  :grin:

The reason I can confidently say that this game is my favorite mobile game is that, well, I still play it. The thing about Gravity Defied is, touch screens kind of killed it. I know there are games with similar premise today, and they are played on smartphones well enough, but I was way too used to playing it on buttons. Good old physical phone keyboard. Never managed to make the switch.

At some point I did manage to find an Android version of the most classic build that someone ported WITH the emulated buttons. The creativity of everyone in the community making their own builds is lost, however.

That being said, I did get myself a fully functioning replica of Sony Ericsson W810i a while back. And the first thing I did upon getting it to work was to install the original GF. Thinking about making my own build again, just for fun - the level creator is still available online all these years later!

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« Reply #31 on: February 02, 2024 @155.81 »

I've been obsessed with Grim Quest and Grim Tides, two games by the developer Monomyth. They are simple old school style rpgs with a lot of charm.
Another one of my faves is Final Earth 2, by the developer Florian Van Strien. You build and manage space colonies, it starts off simple but grows in complexity as you progress.

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« Reply #32 on: March 21, 2024 @695.94 »

Atm im big into Clash of Clans!

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« Reply #33 on: March 21, 2024 @862.40 »

I used to spend SO much time playing The Blockheads (by Majic Jungle studios). Man, all those online servers were a blast. I also spent a LOT of time on the forums, it's a big part of my teenhood XD. That's where I came to love forums. I joined in august of 2013, when I was technically not old enough to be there(13), oops! But I was only a few months away anyway. I tried to look at it again when writing this comment, and sadly the forum doesn't seem to be reachable. It's expected, but still sad to have so much of the posts from my youth no longer available. Oh well, at least I can look at it some through the internet archive :')

The game is a sandbox explorer/build-type game, and no longer receiving updates. Still my favourite mobile game after all this time:')

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« Reply #34 on: March 21, 2024 @960.61 »

Mine's Honkai Impact 3rd.
yoo another honkai enjoyer! I haven't played recently but i've been playing for a long time. I play it on pc though, so it doesn't really count as a mobile game for me :ha:

i like to have a puzzle game and a regular old mobile game on my phone. Currently, i have Flow as my puzzle game and i play animal crossing pocket camp as my "regular" game

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« Reply #35 on: March 22, 2024 @293.21 »

Mine would be Swordigo, an amazing little Metroidvania game that no one practically talks about nowadays (surprisingly active speedrunning community, as per usual  :ok: ). I don't really play on my phone these days (or in general for that matter)

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