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December 01, 2023, 05:22:16 pm - @723.80
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Author Topic: OC stories?  (Read 760 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2023, 07:39:29 am »

OHHHMIGOSH...  :cheerR: BAAHHHHH OKAY SO most if not all of this basically needs a spoiler because it gets very erm.. silly. (it gets fairly violent honestly) heres some lore of an oc's name i took (dr. blu apollo)

"spoilers: consensus of general lore/plot"
blu is a scientist who works in the engineering and computer science factors. one day, they decide to create bodily regeneration, unlike their husband making artificial regeneration, which i will explain in another spoiler...despite being in the technology field, blu is assigned by their very sadistic and pure evil boss (but conveniently hiding said evil), to rid of the amalgamation experiments in the biology field (since NO ONE WANTED TO VOLUNTEER!!!!!) So basically having to kill the amalgamations. However, unfortunately for them, some of their scientist buddies recently got fused in with the amalgamations into humanoid weird creatures. so now they basically  have to kill their own friends! womp womp.. the whole intent of the bodily regeneration, mind you, is that they can regenerate the *entire body* so if they got stabbed or exploded, or just broke into dust, they'd just.. grow back. no matter the amount of their body that is taken. (fun fact: that was an error in their formula, they intended to die at some point. so they also have to see themselves die! in multiple.. gruesome ways.. despite being failed expiriments, the amalgamations are providing energy to the tech's firewall (explained more in next spoiler block), preventing tech parasytes (basically psychologically damaging viruses) from entering the lab's database, because theyre made of tested radiation goop and stuff. the bosses whole intention is to make blu get rid of the firewall (by getting rid of the amalgamations) so the boss can put parasytes in and let them eat away and the human scientists brains, until theyre all dead of course. (did i mention the boss isnt human?) so yeah, person thinking their doing good because boss told them to do a thing when in reality they are literally killing everyone.

"amalgamations, parasytes, and more"
Amalgamations:Amalgamations are failed expiriments of radiation biology, their radiation goop is powerful (but deadly enough) to store power in the firewall. the firewall prevents basic viruses, and parasytes, to go more into depth, parasytes transfer datamosh from the infected computer over to the victim's brain, psychologically damaging them and spiraling them into brainrot and constant thoughts of their conciusness slipping, so basically they mess around until the victim's brain is mush, and is deemed worthless, so they hop to another host.

and that's pretty much a general idea of a oc plot i have! its more of a substory rather than an actual one, but i thought about this a lot so muehehehe

heres a photo of blu (oc) btw ^^.. please excuse how this isnt colored... i did not have a good photo :(

- blu! :] (they/them)

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« Reply #16 on: October 14, 2023, 08:06:09 pm »

I have dozens of characters for my games and stories, but I tend to define OC as a particular character chosen as a mascot. Along that definition, I’ve only had two in my lifetime. Howwwever, they don’t have real stores because all my writing energy is being sucked up a current behemothic project that’s confidential. All my art energy is also being sucked up by two other projects so uh I don’t have time to draw my OCs anymore. But here they are:

Regiroth, very old reference so ahh excuse the goofy; and the sword of night
I was hopping on the bandwagon with some friends to create marauder OCs for DOOM so I just made a lazy character. His name derives from the Latin word for king and an angel suffix (Sephiroth). And afterward, for a joke, I created a fake universe where uhh goes like Regiroth is an evil villain who lives in a giant volcano and Superswordman and his fellow heroes have to stop him from acquiring the two swords of light and night or the universe explodes. Typical old fantasy action cartoon trope :drat: but we be silly. He was supposed to have an assistant harpy eagle spirit called Valkyrie, who was the villain’s minion only because she was a bird following her owner (planned to have an episode where she helped the heroes’ side). But yanno I never got time to finish the silly story cause I’ve got priorities.

He was also used in a second universe that was less original and more in line with the game (so he wouldn’t be the odd one out when lined up with my friends’ OCs).
“Your honor, I am only a sword. My loyalty only belongs to my wielder, his hand serving good or evil. The only difference between myself and a sword is that even without a master, I must seek conflict.”

Annvar Kar’kolse, his former life’s name. Annvar is the word for a legendary raptor as vast as the sky, whose name means to traverse the very fabric of annena, the word for the invisible fabric that weaves together the “universal systems,” laws, natural, and supernatural. Kar is to forcibly impact or damage, typically with a quick fixed point of force rather than widely distributed. Kol is the aspect of time, se is the aspect of fire. Thus, his former last name means to destroy the eternal flame.
*Derived from O’Reve-Dei (A language I made up when I was little that’s connected to a lot of my stories and games. In this case I merged aspects from both Reve-Dei and Argenta)
This was his theme song (lyrics don’t match up though when translated lulz:

Superswordman, another old reference that I never finished (reee wouldn’t touch old stuff full of mistakes anyway)
I never got to finish the reference, but this was based of the night sentinels and the typical mc vibe of yanno the hero with the sword. And there was supposed to be a trio including a second hero and a heroine, plus a wolf sidekick. There was also a second villain planned designed after the whiplash, and a side character hero designed after the maykrs and that one sorceress trope who helps the main characters with magic spells and prophecies.

And lastly, this is less of an OC but I guess you could say so cause ever since I lost enough time to draw Regiroth anymore, I basically recycled a lot of his motifs and used it for a boss concept. I rolled with it because the dummy sprite I’m using is similar (cyberdemon from DOOM 64). All my other characters are more animalistic/insectoid and tend to follow more the aesthetic of cryptid/monster vibes and don’t reference anything much.
I tend to leave concepts unfinished if I get the gist. I don’t wanna ramble about the story unless requested cause I don’t wanna stray off the venue of OC stories.

But yeah

I think my obsession is clear at this point  :drat:
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« Reply #17 on: October 29, 2023, 11:12:44 pm »

So I'm a massive roleplayer, and roleplaying often means making a character for that particular lore or story. That means I have tons of OCs, but I feel like in my case I have these archetype characters with variations to fit particular universes. A couple of them have had enough time played where I have really strong thoughts on them as an individual, and I even tend to use two of them as my personal avatars when I'm playing games that let me import my own model...

But then there's Izzie. My absolute blorbo. I use her as my mascot, she inspired my site theming, and she has an entire page dedicated to her. She's even my pfp here. I don't think I can do her justice just talking about her so here's a link. If you clicked, you can probably see that she's got fiction written, an entire TVtropes page worth of tropes, tons of art and memes, and it's not even done. I still have the biology and powers to do, and posting the diary entries from the D&D game.. It feels like it'll never be finished because there's always more D&D sessions and thus always more Izzie content, but I'll get ahead of the ever-increasing content eventually.

I don't think I've posted a summary of the adventures she's gone through, but it's full of rather dark, gorey content. She loses friends to death, makes new friends, meets her heroes (and is only mildly disillusioned by them), realizes everything bad is from the actions of her brothers, deals with her personal issues in very messed up situations, and falls in love. It's equal parts slice-of-life fluff, standard fantasy adventures, and angst. I should probably take the time to novelize it, but that's another project to tackle...

I'm only a little obsessed with her, I swear.
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