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May 28, 2024 - @756.28 (what is this?)
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Author Topic: What are some things that should be on every site?  (Read 1036 times)
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« on: November 07, 2022 @149.85 »

I need ideas and that’s why I’m asking you! What should everyone add to their site or just something interesting you would want on a site?

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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2022 @691.85 »

Every site should have a link list (which was more common before search engines became a big thing). Cool sites. Sites you visit often. Interesting webdesign. You make the categories.
That way, I share bookmarks between computers. And maybe someone else finds a hidden gem there too.
There are plenty of niche websites that you'll only find via link lists. Search engines don't really show every scrappy little website.
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« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2022 @718.44 »

Ummm every website should have a MelonLand forum graphic :tongue:

Sooo the main things I tend to look at on a site- An About Page, I like to know what kinda person is making the site - An art/music etc page, I like to see the things that this person likes to create, even if its just doodles or css buttons - The links page, as Gans said, I like to see who this site links too and what other sites they are into - The home page, well its just useful having one!

After that you can kinda do what you like - Blogs and photo journals are always cool.. The thing is, its not really about what stuff your site has, its more about whether that stuff expresses who you are. A site should express and showcase your individuality; thats the most interesting thing to see, and it can be done in any way. So it can be useful having a few standard features; but you dont realy neeeeeed them if you can express yourself in other ways :grin:

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« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2022 @705.81 »

Ooo, this is a good thread to stalk... and well... I'm a bit ashamed but I don't seem to have half of these things listed so far on my site yet :omg:k: I'll have to get around to adding them, as they're all good ideas. I do have a resources page but only for writing links, I want to add more sections. Especially soon I want to add buttons to other personal sites (like the sites you guys have on here) and maybe join a few webrings, that would be cool. I don't know if I have any extra suggestions besides that. Although, E-Shrines to things you love are really cool and another thing I want to implement on my own site.
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« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2022 @108.34 »

i also think a links page is essential!! :grin: there are so many sites ive only found because of link pages, but in a similarish vein as that id also like to add graphics pages to here too!!! :omg:k: theres so many graphics and images ive only found because of pages like that, and (personally i think its) really fun to go and download old graphics, especially, from other neocities sites or archived sites! you never know what youre gonna find, i like downloading a ton of graphics to add when i dont feel up to working on my site itself, so its still technically working on the website if you realllly think about it :grin: ive also found sites with really good pages that list graphics or other resources tend to get linked a bunch since it helps people find them, so it can draw attention to your site!
« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2022 @127.26 »

I'm glad the links page is getting so much love.

My favourite part of old sites was usually the humour section. I especially liked reading fanfics where familiar characters all act like idiots, or short comic strips.
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« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2022 @920.28 »

A webpage

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« Reply #7 on: December 14, 2022 @816.31 »

*cold sweat runs down my forehead as i realize i don't have a links page*

Usually on websites the first thing I check is the about.
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