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Author Topic: Underappreciated YouTube Channels You Want to Share  (Read 5079 times)
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« Reply #45 on: March 13, 2024 @976.67 »

I have a couple channels in my feed that are less than well known.
This channel, omg I cant believe theyre still uploading, and their videos are really good! https://iv.catgirl.cloud/channel/UCvBtV_185n_vNBih-j4H6uA their name is JoAnn Raptor Girl, I found her when i was looking through this playlist of old animation memes from a decade ago; i decided to check out their channel expecting their 8 year old last video to be on the top, but nah theyre still making pretty awesome videos today, and i love to watch them, not because i like dinosaurs, but its because they arent doing the same things that every other channel is doing or because their videos dont feel lethargic to watch.

This channel is really awesome to watch, theyre called Cambrian Chronicles and his videos are all about obscure Welsh history https://iv.catgirl.cloud/channel/UC22uGvImj3o7m9Zf11jEDkg
I could watch them talk all day about whatever way a common belief about welsh history is wrong, or a mystery about some forgotten locality nobody remembers.


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« Reply #46 on: March 14, 2024 @147.11 »

I don't know if I can call him "underappreciated" because I just checked and he's got about a million followers, but I love Solo Solo Travel. He's a Japanese guy who does travel vlogs that are more focused on the transport than the location -- he doesn't show his face and keeps his minimal commentary text-based. It's sort of a more authentic version than the vlog montages that are popular on TikTok (at least my account the 3 times I month I think to check it).

I find it gets me weirdly emotional at times, maybe because of how mundane the content is. I don't know much about the old school aesthetic of early vlogging, but it feels like it should be something like this, just a snapshot of the experience of a person living far away, in a place you'll likely never travel to, not overly edited or staged unlike most of what I seem to find around. And Japanese trains are just too cool to be real and he gets it.


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« Reply #47 on: March 17, 2024 @568.10 »

@hex SoloSoloTravel is super, I put them on the TV and watched a few train rides with family over Christmas  :ha:

I stopped by to share two channels! Theme Parks Shouldn't Exist goes into the lost histories of Disnyland parks, a subject that I've always been fascinated by, if you could not tell by the forum name  :tongue: And Kevin Lee Jacobs who runs a really sweet channel where he unpacks tea sets and does household chores and arranges flowers.

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« Reply #48 on: April 11, 2024 @823.52 »

Here is a list of channels I feel are underrated, though they might not be? But nobody I know has ever heard of them anyways...

Memory Hole - Memory Hole is so bizarre and great, basically strange VHS footage with a sort of spooky slant on them. I find them cosy and comforting to watch, they sorta remind me of the Adult Swim Off the Air content.

Alan Tutorial - I can't remember how I found this, but it seems to be an ARG/art project that I found really interesting. In the first few videos of the canon, Alan teaches the viewer how to accomplish various bizarre, often mundane tasks such as filling a small box with dirt and crushing soda cans with wooden planks. In one instance, his instructions are interrupted by a loud knocking at the door, and in the next video, he appears to have been locked in a closet.

Soon Alan seems to run out of ideas for new tutorials. To make matters worse, something scary finds its way into his room and gives him spooks, and immediately afterward his beloved blue chair is knocked over. This tragic turn of events deeply upsets him but he soon finds his motivation again and continues making tutorials.

Atomic Shrimp - I LOVE Atomic Shrimp's videos... he basically covers all sorts of things. He's a wonderfully interesting seeker of knowledge, a true autodidact and one of the purest humans ever. I very much appreciate his wonderfully 'neutral observer of reality' vibes and I've learnt a lot from watching his content.

Furry Found Footage - This one I found through a random Twitter post and felt curious as I love found footage and lost media etc. Furry Found Footage digs deep for content so obscure, you'll swear it never existed before you see it. Videos include synopses, historical and production information, as well as an analysis through the lens of online furry communities by host Aurelina - whose voice is just so attractive to me. I really love the whole vibe of this channel.

Scare Theater - This is a horror channel dedicated to the strange, unusual and unsolved mysteries of reality. Definitely worth a binge.

Lazy Masquerade - Very similar to Scare Theater, the guy has a great/soothing voice and I love how he presents and executes his content.

Johnny Vector - A great YT channel for Sonic fans, especially fans who grew up with the Fleetway comics. This person covers HIGHLY DETAILED dives into the Fleetway canon and various characters and also has comparisons and coverage of the IDW comics and the Archie comics.

Badnik Mechanic - Another Sonic the hedgehog content creator, I enjoy a lot of his earnest reviews and he did an amazing video deep diving into Sonic Adventure - I recommend it, my favorite video of his is 'A Sonic Adventure Analysis: Through The Looking Glass'

Cybershell13 - Yet another Sonic content creator... I ADORE this person's videos and have watched them multiple times. My favorite of his vids is 'How Sonic Made Me Question My Sanity' because I had the EXACT SAME experience so it was comforting to know another human who had this same thing playing Sonic 3&Knuckles as a kid.

I have a few more but I don't know if they truly are underappreciated or not haha.


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« Reply #49 on: May 14, 2024 @140.22 »

DeadlockOriginalFilms makes an animated series called Blood Thing, an independent adult animation. Its got this cynical thrown together vibe, it doesn't feel Professional and I mean that as a compliment.

Patrick Alexanders world of content, where you watch a bloke make a drawing and tell some jokes and good times. Do you remember the webcomic Raymondo Person? Of course not. This is the author of that Raymondo Person.

Banana B0at uses Macromedia Flash 8 to create new toons that go hard

Tony Zaret

The Space Quest Historian does a lot of what the name implies, videos on trivia and obscurities of the Space Quest series of videogames. He also has a series roasting Kings Quest, man if you just crave a NEW Spoony-inspired caustic review series that dares to ask "what kind of idiot drugs were they on", its a good time. its not fair and balanced lol

I've seen Carter Amelia Davis / SweetStench do numbers with surreal animations on social platforms. Don't let her posts be a passer in the night, follow her work.

Octavius King is another game reviewer who does humorous, often caustic reviews.

Ballaam makes vids about obscure/speedrunner Donkey Kong 64 things.

Classics of Game https://youtube.com/@classicsofgame

Vouch zone:

Atomic Shrimp


Pushing Up Roses

Surprised no one's mentioned LGR yet.

  • Baphometkun - Unique short edits. Not exactly sure how to call them... "dreamcore"-related? Something like that. :ha:


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